Monday, January 01, 2007

Xmas and New Years

How do I blog about a WHOLE week. The good news is that I think the bulk of my readership was there for Xmas so I don't have to cover things too extensively!!!

I'll start you off w./ a pic. Usually the whole family goes to see Santa (well as past traditions go), but the kids are getting older and the individual nucleic families are starting to do their own Christmas thing so it didn't come together for the whole gang to go to Santa together... so we brought Santa to the gang.. note Larry (eh hem Santa) in the middle w/ the cotton ball beard!

Evan, Connor, the babies, Liam and Riley... hmm.. think there is room for a few more kids in there! ha ha

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Lynda, Larry, Tom and I took the babies to see the Santa at Factoria (the usual tradition) and it was so worth the wait in line. The babies did great in line then Jason was such a ham on Santa's lap that he difinitely stole the show. I wish I had video taped it!!! I did get a print and will try to remember to scan it.. here's L&L w/ J&L in line.

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After Lynda and Larry - and other Seattle parties - recovered as best they could from the disasterous weather out in the PNW we were able to pull off a great holiday... by WE I don't mean me and Tom! ha G and A came over on Xmas eve to hang out, but I was only able to hang in there until around 9pm.. ugh! We had a nice breakfast together before the rest of the troops arrived... Art and Bev, Karen, Andy, Liam and Riley and Ed, Jill, Connor and Evan. It was great fun to have everyone together again. We did an overnight w/ all the kiddos on Christmas and had some breakfast together the next morning.

We headed down to Pat and Joan's on the 26th for Xmas again w/ the family.. all the kids and gkids were there.. we had a grand feast and played w/ Chris's new Wii... After a quick power outage and a run to set up the generator most people left and Tom and I headed to bed. I think that night was the first time I've seen Chris's true personality come out!!! It was so fun to see him and to be reminded that he isn't 15 anymore! ha ha Sorry Chris that's how I always remember you for some reason!

We swung through Seattle on the way back from Olympia for a coffee and an attempt at a Gordito's burrito, but it was closed. Aside from that quick run through down town we stayed out in Woodinville or on the East side. Jennie came to Woodinville to visit on Christmas and then K, J and I went out to Thai food on the East side. It was so great to sit and chat and to talk about Jameson's pending arrival.

On the 28th we headed over to Greg and Karen's to visit w/ them and Matt, Jansy, Zach and Haley and Wes, Katie, Henry and Herman. It was so fun to see them and I was about bowled over when their kids walked in... they get so big so fast and it's so strange to have such a marker on how time flies by.

We are so thankful to have such great family and friends and are so glad to have been able to spend so much just regular quiet time w/ everyone. I miss you all already.

Our trip home was .... LONG! We were supposed to arrive in Madison at 11:45pm and didn't get in until 3:30am... ugh! It was a long day, but the babies did so WELL. They managed to stay on a reasonably good schedule and did so well sleeping in unfamiliar places.. first L&Ls then P&J's then G&Ks... I am so proud of them. They did fabulously on the plane as well!!!! YIPPEE!!!

J got up for about an hour this a.m. at 10:30am and L got up around 11:30am... I am so thankful that they didn't get up at 6am... :) All is well in the Mount household and we are ready to embrace the new year! Happy 2007!

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