Impossible List

 This is like a Bucket list... but better. It's my Impossible List   
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It will grow and ebb as I do.

- Help one person reach their fitness goals and feel better about themselves

- Run Across America with Rev3 (as a relay)- Rev3 RAA
- Marine Corp Marathon
- Boston Marathon
- 140.6

- Launch ECH - sell Everett's Art
- Write an ebook

- Raise $100k (total team goal) for Ulman Cancer Fund for the Rev3 RAA.
- own/build an environmentally conscious house
- go 1 mo, 3 mo, 6mo, 9mo, 1 year w/o buying something new (exception run shoes and food)
- take the kids out of school and travel for a month
- participate in the Peace Corp or some other mission type trip that takes me to a 3rd world country
- attend a week long yoga retreat
- Sell our house and move to a smaller place
- move back to SEATTLE
- Take Lily on a safari
- Send 365 hand written notes in 2012
- Perform 52 Random Acts of Kindness WITH MY KIDS is 2011