Monday, January 19, 2009

Practice makes perfect and the winter days

I looked over at Lily's coloring today and this is what I saw:

I couldn't believe how well she was staying in the lines. This seems to have happened over night. She's been trying to do it for a while, but just did it today. Wow. They are growing up so fast (I say this a lot I know).

As you know it's been bitterly cold here so we've been going around to various indoor locations to play. Here are some pics from our adventures.

Lily is doing great without her pappies and is loving her Pinkie Poodle Puppy that that Pappy fairy brought her. Jason spends a lot of time correcting Lily's speech and they both spend a lot of time reminding each other and their animals about the rules. :) We are all very much looking forward to heading south in March.

We got new insulation just before the deep deep freeze and it made a huge difference in the first day. I can't wait to see what our gas bill is. Hopefully less... though w/ the deep deep freeze it might be a wash. We'll see.

I'm training for a half marathon in March and am VERY happy to be training and to have a goal. I registered for another 1/2 ironman in Door County, Wi and am very excited to be training w/ both Team in Training and a tri group I'm LOVING... Amy's Playgroup!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Swimming in the winter..

I started taking a masters swimming class and when I took Lily to the gym to go to the day care and I told her I was going to be swimming she pleaded w/ me to be able to swim too. I promised her I would take her this weekend to swim. On Sat I took Lily to family swim at our gym. There is a big warm water pool there that they do water aerobics in that is open for a few hours on the weekends for families.

She LOVED it! The look of joy on her face every time she got in the water was amazing. She even 'swam' by herself using pool noodles under her arms/shoulders. She wouldn't let me help her and she swam up and down the pool. She would even put her face in the water and go under water w/ no problems. We swam for a good hour. She was so exhausted on the way home that she crashed in the car (rare for her) and so much so that we almost got her straight to bed ... this has only happened ONE other time in her life.

Of course Jason wanted to swim too after hearing Lily talk about it. I told him I would take him on Sunday (today), but he napped a bit late. Around 4pm when he was finally waking up (after snoozing and lounging on the couch w/ me for about 30 mins) he asked to go to the pool. Family swim ends at 5pm, but we rushed and got over there and in thew after by 4:30p and he loved it too. I really wondered if he would really like it. This summer he was never as excited as Lily. I was also surprised when he used the noodles just as Lily did and loved it. At first he wasn't putting his face in and he freaked a bit when a kid splashed him, but he warmed up to it and was putting his face in and jumping from the edge and going under. The first time he jumped in he was a little shocked, but immediately said, "I'm okay." He jumped in numerous times after that. When I told him it was time to go he got out and put his noodles away and we left. I thought surely he'd throw a fit. I am so proud of both of them.

It was interesting to take them one after the other after that... to see how different they are. Lily could actually swim and move from one end of the pool while Jason would thrash about and not go anywhere (reminds me of someone else I know). Lily had no interest in jumping in the water while Jason was really excited about that.

The kids have been - once again - throwing us for a loop w/ the whole sleeping thing. Lily napped today for the first time since the pappies went away. She's been so tired. Jason has been napping short and on top of that they have been staying up till AT LEAST 8pm ... meaning we put them to bed by 7p and they are up there screwing around, going to the potty and generally pushing the envelop/our buttons until around 8pm. As I type this at 8:30pm this thing is not over.. they are still up there making noise and pushing us. We are really trying to drop the hammer on the kids and be consistent and follow through w/ our threats. I think it's really showing a difference in Jason, but Lily.. man she just doesn't care. If we ake her toys, doesn't care, turn out the light, doesn't care, shut the door, doesn't care. She will just repeatedly get up and open the door and/or turn the light back on. For naps today I had to take her poodle and shut her door and then sit up there before she would stay in her room and finally fell asleep. Little stinker. They've also been getting up 30 mins to an hour earlier. Blasted sleep. It's hard to believe that one day we will have to blast them out of bed to get them to go to school. Guess they have to make up this sleep deprivation some time right? ha

Friday, January 09, 2009

Shut up.

I had a parenting milestone yesterday. I was ranting on about something (it was long day) and Jason - albiet quietly said "shut up". I had to ask him to repeat it because I wasn't sure if that was actually what he said. Shut up... he told me to shut up. I wasn't angry w/ him at all. In fact it made me want to cry and gave me pause over my current rant and behavior. As I thought for a moment about the way I was acting I totally deserved his words. Lily was in a time out at the time and I stopped and went and sat by her and Jason came over and we talked.

I know that Jason learned shut up from me.. and maybe my mom too. Hey, the kid is a HUGE whiner! The only time I remember saying shut up was in a rage when they were being so loud, not listening to me and making me feel like my head was going to explode. Not that it's appropriate to say shut up to a two year old.

Anyway. I know they are listening and repeating and it's been kinda cute until now. I - AGAIN - saw flashes of me on Super Nanny. Flashes of him being a complete and total brat (he and his sister) and me battling them saying things like Shut Up all the time, and me having no idea why they are so bratty.

So FIRST I must revise/work on my approach and behavior when I'm angry. I must filter what I say and consider the fact that eventually it will all come back to me.

UGH! Parenting is kicking my ass lately.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Insulation is THE BOMB!

I've been handling the winter weather much better than I ever thought I would, but the one thing that has been bumming me out is wearing a sweatshirt, hat and/or scarf around my own house.

Well, we got new insulation today and I am happy to report that I am comfortable w/o a sweatshirt, hat and scarf!!! YEAH!

It's the small things!