Monday, July 28, 2008

Baseball and astronauts

The kids got some new outfits, Lily had to try hers on and get her photo taken. Jason had to have his photo taken after Lily got hers. :) Even steven. :D

We went to a Mallards Baseball game the other night. I'm not real sure what was going on, but there were tons of dogs there... the police were there w/ their police dogs and there were lots of booths w/ dog related 'stuff' ... I was so busy wrangling toddlers that I didn't take the time to get it all. It was a lot of fun. Jason had a hot dog and french fries, Lily decided to stick w/ just chips, we spent more time playing at the park and Lily had a blast feeding the free dog biscuits to any dog that would take them from her. There was a 'batting cage' for the little ones too. It was a blow up thing w/ a spot that air blew out of to hold a wiffle ball up for kids to hi and Lily was all sorts of jazzed to do it. It was quite cute. They both actually managed to hit the ball more than once. They are gifted, but I might be biased.




Both kids have had recent language/understanding explosions. They are both speaking in complete sentences, and I think you can even understand most of what they say! ;) They are grasping concepts now too not just naming objects. I noticed today that for the last couple of days they have been using -ing phrases as well. It's been great fun listening to them chat all day. Their imaginations are taking off too. This evening they were playing astronauts.


Sorry I haven't been updating a whole lot... lots of stuff going and keeping me VERY busy.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The projects continue...

It seems we have opened pandora's box around here and w/ all my might I can't close it. Our bathroom remodel has spilled into other areas, next the driveway, now a deck, some rewiring, french doors and redesigning the closet in our room... we are hoping it ends there! Now onto the "decorating" stuff. Painting the bathroom and the landing, selling a bunch of stuff on craigslist, organizing the office, organizing Jason and Lily's rooms and I'm sure there are other things I am not remembering.

We separated Jason and Lily,... their rooms look like jail cells. I took pretty much everything out of there b/c they were just wrecking the place. In one day I decided to clear out the guest room b/c I had just had it w/ them not napping. It was a rough day, but it's done! They now have their own separate spaces. It seems to have worked for Jason he is back to napping. Lily is spending some quiet time reading... she napped the first day. We'll see what happens w/ that. Right now all they have in their rooms is a mattress and Jason has a rug. I feel really bad about it for some reason. Mom and I are heading to Ikea on Tuesday for a day off (kids staying w/ my two Toms) and to get things for their rooms and my office/laundry room.



Papa's new scooter

Things are going 'okay' on the training front. I'm having a really tough time getting back in the swing of things, but it felt great to be back on my bike today.. well A bike. A road bike too... it was nice. We did a 2 hour ride and a 50 minute run.. tomorrow I swim... Yoga season begins soon!

It seems my fundraising for Team in Training has totally stalled out! I NEED YOUR HELF!!! I have over $1000 to raise still... if you haven't donated yet please go to my website and donate TODAY... like RIGHT NOW!

Hanging w/ daddy in our 'wraps' (fitted sheets)


Friday, July 11, 2008

We're home...

We had a great visit in Seattle - aside from my 70.3 disappointment.

Today was a LOONNNGGG day. Jason pulled out all of his two year oldness for my delight and the delight of others. I don't think he was "that kid", but I had had enough by the time we got home.

Not much 'juice' to write now.. some photos from the 'race':

I didn't do a very good job of taking photos while we were out (big surprise). I didn't have my computer w/ me and my camera fills pretty quickly. Here are a few.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Things I learned at 70.3

#1 Make sure that the tubes that you have FIT your wheels. The tubes I had in my bag were from before I got my American Classic wheels and the stems were too short.

#2 Carry a C02 cartridge or a pump on your ride. It's possible to have the first flat (or the first two) of your life during a race.

So I DNF'd at my race today. I'm rather frustrated, but I can try again at another time. The good news is that I really enjoyed the swim. My time was still slow at 47 minutes, but I didn't hate it and that is progress and what I really hoped for. I can work on speed. I only did the breast stroke for a few strokes twice. I found a groove and for the first time ever felt like I really belonged there in the water with all the athletes.

I was only about 7 miles into the race when my back end was fish tailing a bit and I wasn't sure what was going on... then it occured to me that SHIT I had a flat. I didn't bring my pump on the ride w/ me b/c it's a pin and well, I'm certainly not going to get my first flat on a race, right?! WRONG!!!! So I cussed at myself for being stupid. Pulled over got my back (great) wheel off and got my tube out and started putting the new tube in while I waited for the support guys to drive up and see my sorry ass on the side of the road hoping for some help. Got the tube in and DAMN the stem was too short! CRAP CRAP CRAP. How dumb am I? The support guy rolled up on a bike.. he had nothing w/ him so he called the support van, but the support van couldn't get through a particular baracade until the Pro's went by. So I stood there like a moron for the van. At least 20 minutes later he showed up and put a new tube in.... 8 minutes and 40 seconds later... another flat. I decided that I was done. I wasn't going to sit there for another 20 minutes to have a my flat fixed to keep flatting and then be 40 minutes behind my age group.

I'm pretty bummed, but such is the life. Some things happen. Now I know. I felt I was not cool enough for the C02, but now I know that I am definitely cool enough... at least smart enough. I'm not sure if I'll try to tackle the half again this year or wait... until some other time. During the training phase I was certain I wasn't going to do this again until the kids were in school.... I'm tapered now and I'm not sure what I would do to get ready again quickly and I'm certainly not going to go through the 6 weeks of 3+ hour bike rides again this season. Maybe I'll just focus on Accenture for now and see what happens for next year... Gena and I talked about ocming back... the swim was really nice.

Gena did take some really good pictures of u s getting ready, of my swim and my sweet spectating skills. I know you are dying to see them. :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

This is what happens....

when you don't take a nap for days and days and days....


The kids spent their nap screwing around in their room again today... despite the fact that the only things left in their room are two cribs... I had even removed the pillows, books and blankets. We were/are trying the you have to stay in your beds or we come in and take X. They could care less. The last time I went in this afternoon I told Lily that if I had to come in again I was going to take away her pappies... she immediately said, "here" and handed them too me. :( Guess we have to find another way. I decided after I blew a gasket today that it just didn't matter at this point in the game b/c I will be heading out tomorrow and everything is going to be all messed up anyway.

Both kids are clearly exhausted from playing through naps (even before we moved to big kid beds.. this started, oh, around the time the bobcat appeared in our yard) and staying up late chatting about the excitement of the day. Yesterday around 3pm we were in the car not 10 mins and Jason was OUT! Lily took a bit longer, but fell asleep as well. Today the bobcat was back in action. Jason had had his ride and the neighbor kid was getting a ride. Jason got mad b/c "Leo was riding in JASON'S bobcat" so mom was holding him... RIGHT BY THE BOBCAT (think LOUD) and he fell asleep.... Mom was even able to bring him in and lay him down to sleep on the couch w/o him waking up.

It took him almost 45 mins to wake up after Lily "lovingly" smashed a dinosaur into his head after a more gentle approach didn't cause him to stir.

All is packed and ready to go for the trip to Seattle and hopefully my bike is or will be at Greg's by the end of the day tomorrow. :) I'm as ready as I'm going to be for this race... I will either really enjoy it or suffer through it.

Keep your fingers crossed for a somewhat easy trip to Seattle... I'm HOPING Jason sleeps for me on the plain.. it's either that or he will be a whining mess! I did buy a portable DVD player today so we can watch Shrek on the way out!