Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 - to do's & more sleep stuff

I added a list of "to do's" on the right ---->

A sort of "resolution" list... it seems a bit lame and paltry as I look at it right now. I'm still contemplating the new year and what I want to see happen in my life this year... so this list is just a start and will change and morph throughout the year I'm sure.. I like flexible "resolutions" ha ha

and onto sleep...

so I'm not complaining by any stretch here, but confused.... since returning from Seattle J has taken to sleeping in... first a.m. till around 10:30am.. I got him up yesterday at 8:30am thinking it would help him go to sleep earlier (he was in his room chatting to himself around 10:30pm the night before).. he wasnt' too excited about being woken, but was okay after he got to nurse. He rallied till around 9:45am and took an hour nap... he napped better on the day he slept in...

I think I have a morning baby and a night baby... L was up at 6:30am (though I think she really stayed up after she nursed at 6am) and J is still sleeping right now at 8:20 am.

I hate to wake a sleeping baby and it's really not a problem for me that he wants to sleep in.. the trouble comes in the evening when he is clearly tired, but won't go to sleep and will sleep an hour, wake and cry a while.. sleep again, wake and cry... on and off until I go to bed around 10pm.... Yes ladies and gentleman that's right.. I'm going to bed at a normal hour now. No more 8pm bedtime for this ADULT! ha ha

Should I just keep him up later or start waking them together around 7am?? "They" say to wake a baby, but he naps better when I don't.... is this about me or about him? Do I want him to go to bed earlier, but he's just not programmed that way???? Or is it about me wanting to have my oatmeal and coffee in peace?? Oh the questions!!! So we'll fly w/ this a while.


  1. Jennie10:26 AM

    I'm no help in this department! Are you suggesting that an 8pm bedtime is NOT an adult bedtime?! I'm in trouble...

  2. As far as the resolutions go, they sound very similar to mine and don't seem paltry at all! After all, parent positively has a huge impact on those two little lives, so that is not a small thing. As far as the sleeping goes - you have a kid who sleeps in??? You are so lucky. Just go with it!!

  3. Kelly6:56 PM

    Man, girl, I don't know you function on such crazy sleep schedules. I wouldn't wake J up. it seems it's working for him, and you so what do "they" know anyway? Anways, I'd always heard, never wake a sleeping baby. Growing is hard work!
    Besides, whichever you choose, Jason will turn out allright.
    love ya,