Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ulman Cancer Fund Blue Jeans Ball

Rev3 was invited to the Ulman Cancer Fund Blue Jean Ball this weekend and I can't even express how thankful I am to have been included. The event was spectacular. If you are in the area I would highly recommend going next year!

Amazing captions all around!

I met so many inspiring people at this event. Survivors, family of survivors, people still in the throws of their battle and those that are there at the UCF to support all of the above.

Jessica and I. I had to run over and have my photo taken with her. Love that girl!

To hear Jessica Protasio tell her story and how the UCF was a true godsend for her brought most of us to tears. She is a vibrant young woman who had already lost both of her parents and was in a new town when she got the news that she had liver cancer. Thankfully someone turned her onto UCF and they seem to have become like her family. Someone from UCF was there with her all along the way helping her NAVIGATE the process and holding her hand through the treatments. This year she had her FIRST clean scan.. A true VICTORY.. and she continues to be a large part of UCF helping others as they helped her.

Vanessa and I. One of the ORIGINAL of the Rev3 family.
Vanessa has been part of the Rev3 family from the beginning, but I had only heard of her and never met her in person. She is at the (I HOPE) tail end of her treatments for breast cancer. She goes in for a scan soon.. please PRAY for her - Vanessa SPILLER - that her scans are clean and she can start to move forward. She is and amazing woman! Always an athlete and I hear she ran 13 miles the morning of the blue jean ball. She's not letting this thing hold her down! Thank you Vanessa for sharing your story with me. I am PRAYING hard for you!

We heard from Doug Ulman and many other amazing people over the course of the night. We got to celebrate victories and mourn losses. We got to feel the hope in the room and hear about the mission of the Ulman Cancer Fund from the mouth of it's founder and those that make it such a wonderful place doing great great things for the fight against cancer.

I really like this! Go UCF Go!

I hold each of these people and my team mates close to my heart as I power forward in the fundraising and training.

I was so excited to see my 'other' family again. We had a blast!!!!! Only a few more months and I'll get to see them all again!

And a little PS. I gotta brag on the Rev3 crew a bit now. They received the Partner Award from UCF for all the amazing things they have done for UCF to include consulting with them on the past Half Full races, partnering for the 2012 Rev3 Half Full race and now the Run Across America. I couldn't be more proud to support such an amazing group of people. Thanks again for the opportunity to be included in the awesomeness!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

11 things about me.. what about you?

Tagged.... I was. 11 is the magic number....

Here we go:

1. Post these rules
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

Random things about me:

1.  I don't regularly wear deoderant

2. I was kind of arrested sort of .. once.  

3. I really really really like bananas. Like best food ever.

4.  I used to work as a compliance officer at a financial services company

5. I love to paint.. like interior walls not artistic stuff

6.  I used to drink like a fish and now I am wasted after two glasses of wine.

7. I'm a people pleaser. Except when I'm not. No seriously.. I talk a big game, but I really want everyone to be happy.

8.  I don't bathe my kids every night. Go ahead call CPS. I've been waiting for them.

9.  I plan to live to be at least 100. My family has ridiculous longevity and I have no reason to believe that I would not follow suit. Jason PROMISED I could live w/ him when I'm super old.

10.  I struggle almost every time I go to the grocery store. Do I buy the organic broccoli w/ the packaging or the conventional broccoli free of packaging. I once read the book The Story of Stuff and had to send Tom to the grocery store to pull the trigger on the items I just couldn't buy.

11.  I like to sleep at least 9 hours a night.

Carole's Qs:

1.  Twister or Monopoly? Hmmm Monopoly. I'm boring. And not very bendy.

2.  Which do you crave more?  The chips & salsa, or chocolate? CHOCOLATE

3.  You're sitting next to a friend(s) in a room.  You fart and it's loud enough that you KNOW everyone heard it.  Do you acknowledge it or pretend it never happened?  (Okay, every situation is different....but you know yourself - in general, your reaction would be?)  Hmm.. depends on the crowd. If I know them.. laugh. If I don't probably look around and act like it wasn't me. ha ha

4.  Pizza or Hamburger (yes, buffalo burger acceptable)? Hamburger

5.  If you could go back to one conversation to change or add to something you said, what would it be?

6.  Snow skiing or water skiing? Snow.

7.  What is the craziest thing you have done (or advice you listened to) to try to heal an injury faster? Run through it. 

8.  Are you a cat person or a dog person? DOG!!! 100% DOG!

9.  Do you wipe front to back, or back to front? Depends on what just happened.

10.  What's your favorite Charity? Ulman Cancer Fund =======>>> you can donate NOW!

11.  Favorite rock/country/blues band of all time? Umm I don' t really have favorites.

Jen's Qs
You are stranded on a deserted island.  Tell me

1. What are the 5 foods you would pick to have with you? bananas, nuts, chocolate,
 2. What 2 things would you pick to drink? water and coffee... hmm or wine. No coffee.
3. What book would you want to have? Not a clue. Just one?
4. You are visited by ONE person for 24 hours only, who is it? Tom (the hubs)
5. You can have ONE skill that you do not currently posses? What is it? Ability to fly to get my ass off that island. That or the ability to chill and enjoy it.

You just won 5 million dollars! Tell me

1. What is the first thing you do? Call Tom and tell him to quit his job.. we be movin'
2. What is the first thing you buy? a nice LONG beach VACA w/ the fam.
3. Who is the first person you share your winnings with? Tom
4. Would you relocate? Where? ABSOLUTELY!! SEATTLE!
5. Would you donate to charity? YES. More than one!
6. You must buy me a gift, what do you get me?? A trip to Bora Bora

Questions to those I tagged:

1. What is your DREAM job?
2. If you could live ANYWHERE where would you go?
3. Tell us your BIGGEST secret! ha.. okay a smaller one you are willing to share.
4. How often do you weigh yourself?
5. Do you keep up w/ politics and current events?
6. What is your favorite time of day?
7. How many hours do YOU sleep a night?
8. What is your BIGGEST lifetime goal//dream?
9. Would you consider yourself a half empty or half full type?
10. Do you reduce, reuse, recycle?
11. Do you strength train?

People I am tagging

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Jamie @ SwimBikeRunLive
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Necessary EVIL

It's Recovery Week! Self imposed since I'm really just making this stuff up as I go along!

I've been running.. a lot. Twice a day most days. I needed a break. My legs were heavy. My mind was heavy! So after talking to my rockin ultra friend Tara I decided it was time for a little RnR for both the legs and the mind. Lucky for me the weather improved greatly. What?

I ran once this week so far.. and for the first time I'm not TOTALLY freaking out about not running. I've done some spinning... finally signed up to do some yoga. Gotta pay someone to make me. My February goal is to do yoga AT LEAST 3x week. I need it.

I have been finding myself in that place where my legs can't turn over the way I like them too. Hmm recovery needed.. and perhaps some stretching. I don't know might be a good idea.

I happened upon a Mark Allen article... that I'm sure EVERY one of you has already seen and been subscribing to for like EVER! It's the one about Heart Rate training and keeping your heart rate at your aerobic rate (180 - your age) - there is much speculation as to how accurate it is to use the180 - your age equation, but I'm not going to get into that here. Mostly because I have absolutely no clue about any of that. So I've been taking my running at 144 bpm -ish except for Mondays when I do my tempo or track/speed work. Last Monday I did my tempo work on the Mill bc the weather was horrific and I forgot my heart rate monitor. I wanted to see what my max was. So knowing this week was a rest week (um, from running) I decided to take the ol HR monitor to spin class with me and see how much I could blow it up. I know spinning is WAY different than running in many ways, but particularly in your (or my) ability to jack my heart rate up. Would you believe that the highest number I saw was 158! And that was ONCE... my average max number was more like 152. I'm not sure what to think of this. If anything! My resting heart rate is just above dead... seriously. Last I had it checked by a doc (for life insurance purposes) it was 48 and that freaked the lady out. She told me she was writing 52 on the paper. Okay lady.. whatever. AND I am pretty wiped out and thought maybe it was just because my legs were pretty much crapping out on me before I could jack the heart rate up. The last time I did run training with my heart rate monitor the highest I could get it was 165, but I remember that at that time my legs were pretty shot and were giving up before I could max out. Hmmm are we sensing a theme here? Laura spends WAY too much time in the 'grey zone'... I can SEE Sharpie shaking her head at me right now.

Anyway... things to ponder. If anyone has any insight as to 1. does this really matter and 2. am I really just not as fit as I thought I was... I'd love to hear people's theories.

Are you good at taking recovery? I clearly am not. Do you take your long slow days as slow as coach tells you too or do you cheat and try to hit that pace... whatever 'that' is. Does recovery / easy stuff make you feel like a loser? (not that it makes me feel that way or anything.) What are you thoughts on the Mark Allen article about HR training? I've heard good things... now if I can just mentally accept it when I'm out there. So far so good... but damn if my max is 152/165... 144 is pretty high? Yes/no?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Environmental Challenge - "rules"

"When you have Enough, you have everything you need. There's nothing extra to weigh you down, distract, or distress you. Enough is a fearless place. A trusting place. An honest and self-observant place... To let go of clutter, then, is not deprivation; it's lightening up and opening up space and time for something new and wonderful to happen." - Vicki Robin (from Your Money or Your Life)

To expand on the 'ReUseIt' Challenge posed by Jill.. okay she talked about what SHE was doing.. I made it a CHALLENGE.. bc that's what I do. Blame my dad!

So we laid out the exception of running shoes and Jill mentioned something about undies... because REALLY you have to draw the line. I wanted to expand some more on the rules. I would love for people to jump in.. post on your blogs. Even if you commit to a day to day commitment or a month commitment. A week. Whatever you can handle. You never know who you might inspire or how it might unfold in your life. Link back here and let me know if you do your own post!


Things you CAN buy new:
- running shoes
- underwear
- Personal care items: toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, conditioner, um, LADY things (though I highly recommend the diva cup. I can't remember the last time I bought tampons)
- household items: laundry detergent, dish soap, dish washer detergent. I would recommend finding some earth friendly products in this category.
Such as:

   - Shaklee - I use Shaklee cleaning products exlusively in my house. My mom is a distributor and she turned me on to the stuff. I think MY favorite thing is that ONE bottle of cleaner can do so many things AND lasts forever because it is concentrated and you mix it depending on what exactly you are doing. Windows vs counters, Floors, clothing... etc. One bottle to refill another means LESS bottles in the landfill. This makes me giddy! My second favorite part is that it is ALL unscented!

      - Meyer - I've never used them, but I have heard good things and they have a full line of products.
- food... obviously
- Bike Tires/tubes: We ride bikes... these things are important!
- Helmets: and any other thing that requires newness for the safety element. Should I happen to crash my bike again this year (knock on wood) I WILL buy a new helmet to protect my noggin'. Or should my kids outgrow theirs. A new helmet is non-negotiable!

So that's it. I'm happy to report that I was able to find some used gloves for my son the other day!!!! :) There is a store called Once Upon a Child here. It's national. Look it up and see if you have one in your town. What a fantastic idea. So many children's items are perfectly good when their time has expired in your life, but someone else is looking for. I know the Goodwill won't take a lot of children's items. Which I understand, but is quite unfortunate!

So, can you do this? For one day? One week? One month? What can YOU do! Look forward to some more posts to motivate you in the direction of seriously contemplating your purchases. The environment is in trouble no matter how much we try to ignore it. It's a big problem. While it is bigger than you and I... it needs to be solved and it STARTS with you and I!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Power of the Rev3 Visor

Heidi of BananaBuzzBomb did a vlog about the Power of the Visor and I wanted to follow suit!

I can't believe that I actually did this because I'm really nervous about putting myself talking out there.. why? Who knows. In watching this my mouth seems numb on my right side still.. where I've had numerous shots of novicane over the last month.... or maybe that's just the way I always look.

Go ahead and laugh at the alfalfa sprout poking out of the top of my head too. Yea nice. :) I don't love my voice... been told I sound like an old man more than once in my life, but aw well.. it is what it is.

My Vlog debut!

All of you owners of Rev3 Visors... I challenge you to do your own post... vlog or not... about what wearing the Rev3 Visor (race shirt or whatever) means to you!!! Make sure you use the hashtag #poweroftheREV3visor and @headsweatsco when you post to twitter. It's about getting the good word and inspiration out. I want to motivate people to get out on their run, bike, swim.. or workout of whatever type they are down with. Just like it did for Heidi and I!!!

Rock on and don't forget to donate the Ulman Cancer Fund on behalf of the Rev3 Run Across America ======>>>>

Sunday, January 15, 2012

An Environmental Challenge

I've been just plugging along lately and a couple of things have really made me feel more like myself lately. I feel like I was a bit off last year and I couldn't put my finger on it. Well I think I had fallen away from some of my values. I had just put my head down and didn't concentrate on some things that have always been pretty important to me.

My environmental stewardship and responsibility was a biggie!

- I wasn't composting because I was being lazy.
- I was driving to and from a gym that is 15 miles away one way 4 times a week.
- I walked away from a vegetarian diet which I had originally started partly for environmental reasons.
- I wasn't bringing my reusable cup to the coffee shop.
   (did you know that all told ONE cup of coffee takes about 35 gallons of water to produce!? ONE cup)
- I had gotten lazy about my reusable shopping bags.
- I wasn't thinking through purchases. I was just buying whatever.

Well it's time to wake up and now that I am back to thinking a bit more about what I am doing and how it impacts our environment. The earth that we are living on and leaving for our children to live on. By not being aware I'm not only contributing to the destruction of our planet, but I'm teaching my children to continue.

All this said I do realize that I am probably on the "lesser" scale of earth destroyers, but the awareness was missing. This is important to me and I had let it slide. I'm not sure why... if it's a product of not being in a "crunchy/granola" environment like I had previously been in for 16 years of my life. It's much easier to maintain a high level of awareness when you are surrounded by like minded reusable cup and bag toting composters.

But I'm headed in the right direction now:

- I'm composting again! Check out the nifty little compost thing I can throw in the freezer when I'm too lazy to take it out. Why have I never thought of this!?

- I'm working at the gym only once a week now and am running outside as much as possible.
- I'm back to the vegetarian diet and feeling SO MUCH better... both physically and mentally.
Hawaiian Beans and Rice c/o No Meat Athlete.
- I've cut back on my coffee consumption and when I do go to the coffee shop I take my cup w/ me.
- I keep a couple reusable bags in my purse now instead of just one, just in case.
- And last but not least this month I've stopped buying anything new. Except food. Should I need undies or running shoes I would buy new, but I should be all good for the MONTH....

Which brings me to the TITLE of this post. "An Environmental Challenge"

I've been rolling along quietly not purchasing new things feeling all smug and proud of myself then I read my team mate Jill's post about one of her big goals for 2012 to be ReUseIt... she is aiming for SIX months of nothing new. SIX! Holy man. Makes my MONTH look like chump change!

Jill and her hubs. yes I jacked this off her blog! Aren't they cute!?

The only thing holding me back is my kids. The ONES that need the lesson the most. I'm pretty confident I could go 6 months (though I WOULD allow for new running kicks. I am training for a little run coming up and it might require new kicks. I did buy a new pair in December.) without buying anything.. my husband rarely makes purchases.. but the kids. Okay ... I did say I was going to buy all their clothes from that Once Upon a Child place. I can do this.. what about shoes? Used kids shoes are HARD to come by. I'm serious... well ones they'll wear and that fit them. Okay okay.. lessons! It's about lessons! :)

So ... to not be OUTDONE!! You are SO on Jill!!!!! Nothing new between now and .... July 1st! Let's do this thing!!! Who do you think will bite the bullet first? Anyone want to take wagers? If I win you guys donate $25 to the Ulman Cancer Fund ... if Jill wins you donate $25 to the Ulman Cancer Fund.. Oh wait!? :D

You should really just donate anyway! Just sayin'!

Who's in? What scared? Don't think you can hang w/ the big dogs? Don't you care about the environment?

If you think you can't or shouldn't bother doing this I challenge you to check your local library (cause you can't buy it new) for 'The Story of Stuff'.... It's a game changer! I'm serious! You will never want to buy a new thing AGAIN! Oh just read it! Then let me know what you think!

Here's the movie that the book is based on: (it's short... the movie not the book)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Impossible List

I know I said this year would be the Year of CRAPTASTIC.. or whatever I said..... BUT! You know I couldn't put that negative bullshit out there and just leaving it hanging in the air to grow into something that is indeed craptastic.

I've been reading some truly amazing things (that I try not to let paralyze me from writing) lately that have got me in a great head space. A head space that is FAR FROM CRAPTASTIC. Combine this w/ the amazingness that is happening with Rev3. The true partnership with Ulman Cancer Fund has me nearly jumping out of my skin. Did you hear? Rev3 and Ulman are partnering on the 1/2 Full Tri in Maryland in October. That's THREE Rev3 races in the month of October. WOW! Or BOOM as our Wattie Ink challengers like to say! Yea we have a competition going on! They've also been challenged to do the VIRTUAL RUN ACROSS AMERICA (details to come) and to raise more money than us... because that's what this is about. And on that note.. hit that donate now button to the right! =>>>>>

The chats going on amongst my team mates this year is so meaningful so impactful and inspiring. Much deeper than just triathlon... while, of course, we talk about this a lot!

Okay. Back to my task at hand w/ this post. See I'm so damn excited about all of this stuff that I can't even get through one - not really related, but totally related - post without going on and on about it!

Perhaps you noticed the new tab called Impossible List that appeared on the top of the blog? What IS that all about?

Well I stumbled upon Joel Runyon's site ImpossibleHQ and became immediately inspired. I want to open this life up like a big ol' can of worms. Why the heck not? What else am I here for.

I've been reading so much stuff (ya know in my spare time when I'm not running, contacting local papers, talking to my team, coordinating runners, contacting people to volunteer for Rev3 Quassy in June, oh and caring for two little people and talking to my husband) that my head feels like it might explode with the potential that we all posses to not only live a super fantastic high quality life of OUR dreams, but the potential to do good.... just by living this high quality life!

So you can click on that tab and see the first rough draft of my Impossible List. It's like a bucket list, but it changes and grows as I change and grow. It's not a list of things I want to do leading up to my death... it's a list of things I want to do to honor my LIFE!

And with out further ado allow me to share other mind blowing resources for your exploding brain pleasure! Let's kick it up a notch people. Look at your life. Is this what it's all about? Is this all there is!? I promise you it is not! You CAN live your dream. I'm slowly starting to figure out what MY DREAM even LOOKS like!

These people are doing things that are worthy of talking about!

Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend
Joel Runyon of Impossible HQ
Gary Vaynerchuck
Amber Zuckswert of Epic Self

There are others, but these are the four I've really been diving into!

So... dare I say Impossible 2012? I hate to label... well, obviously I don't.. I'm gun shy about labeling. I've figured out that it's me and my attitude toward the year (or anything really) that decides whether it was successful... not the actual events of the year themselves.

Onward and upward folks. This year is underway. Hold onto your hats and make it whatever it is YOU want it to be!

What are your big plans for 2012? Where are you putting yourself out there ... outside of your comfort zone.. making it an IMPOSSIBLE smashing year! Crush that barrier!! And then smile and pat yourself on the back. You owe it to you.. to me.. to your children and their children.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't have to look far for INSPIRATION!

I teach Cycling at a local gym. It's so fun! I mentioned that Rev3 is Running Across America last week and a lot of people came up to me after class to tell me how amazing this was or to tell me that I am certifiably insane. :) They asked a lot of questions about the logistics and the training and that was that.

This week after class I was on the floor doing some strength training and a couple named John and Lois approached me. They are fairly new to my class so this was the first time I was really talking to them. John wanted to tell me that he looked up the run online and was impressed and thankful. He lost both his sister and his best friend many years ago when they were all in their late 20s.

Doors are opening and connections are being made because of this run. It makes me feel even more motivated to get out there and train, to work out the logistics and to ask.. over and over for your generous contributions to this cause. I know that each of you has had an experience with cancer whether directly or indirectly.

Please share your stories if you wish! And stay tuned for opportunities to get even more involved in this crazy adventure! We want everyone to feel like they are part of this. We are ALL in a battle against cancer whether we like it or not!

Thursday, January 05, 2012


That pictue and one word pretty much sums up my LIFE right now. You can start calling me Forest (bc that's original and no one has said it yet).. or Gump. FG. The Gumpster?

I've started breaking runs up. My longest run has been 8 miles, but now I'm doing mostly multiple runs in sums of 3 or 4 miles at a time. When time allows. This means I spend a lot of my day in spandex... because who wants to change that many times a day. Sweaty and disheveled is my new look! :) I stand here now (because sitting is BAD) in my running tights and wool socks and a dry t-shirt. When I get home I take off my three layers of tops (well 4 if you include the bra) and hang them to dry for my next go round. Today there will be THREE runs. Then it all - usually - gets washed. Oh stop raising your eyebrow at me. How many loads of laundry can I really do people! Just pretend I live in Europe and suddenly you will have no problem with it.

This a.m. I MADE myself go out. Was totally not feeling it. It's cold out there and my warm coffee is so good.. and god I've run what almost every day this week... BUT it was only three miles. I can choke down three miles. So I ran upstairs threw all my stuff on rushed the kids out the door and off to the bus stop we went. I run straight from the bus stop. We all know that if I made it back into the cozy warm kinda warm confines of my home, my warm coffee and MY COMPUTER we all know the 'just 3 miles', 'I can tack it onto a later run' run would not have gotten done.

The legs are feeling it, but I got it done. By run number three today I'll either be really warmed up and ready to rock some trails with my friend and my running buddy Leo (our dog) or I'll be trashed and crying for relief up those hills.

Good thing there's only 8 miles on Tap for TOMORROW!...

I'm loving getting out there. I'm loving that I can get my mind around a 3 mile run... multiple times in a day... I'm loving that my running is meaning something bigger than myself again!

Rev3 has already raised $3000... in day one! Thank you to everyone that has donated.... to those of you that haven't... GET ON IT!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Rev3 Runs Across AMERICA!

This last couple of years more and more people that are close to me have been diagnosed with various types of cancer. This disease does not discriminate and finds many different angles with which to strike.

When I heard that Rev3 was planning something truly epic that is way outside my comfort zone to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund I knew it was exactly what I needed to do for the physical challenge and to give back in the process. I am running all 21 days with the Rev3 Staff.

There will be 10 people on the core team doing 15 miles a day each to get from coast to coast in 21 days. Along the way the age group team will fill in days where they can. I am more the excited about this opportunity. I’ve always wanted to do an across the country voyage - not involving a motorized vehicle - and to be able to do it with the Rev3 crew is just AMAZING! We will depart on March 26th and arrive on April 16th. In true Rev3 fashion we will be tweeting and facebooking all along the way! And I’m sure blogs will be firing off all over the place!

The Ulman fund was started by Doug Ulman and his family after his cancer diagnosis while in college. Since its inception in 1997, UCF has worked tirelessly at both the community level and national level to raise awareness of the young adult (ages 20 - 39 years old) cancer issue and ensure all young adults and families impacted by cancer have a voice and the resources necessary to thrive. As we run across these great United States of America we will strive to spread their good word and give many children and families inspiration and access to the services provided by the Ulman Cancer Fund.

Cancer is the leading killer among 20 - 39 year olds!

While the Ulman Cancer fund focuses on young adult cancers I will be running to support and honor all people with cancer and to support and honor the people in my life - some of which are not young adults - that have been touched by cancer. These include, but are not limited to my Dad (prostate cancer), my Mother in Law (Lymphoma), my sister in law (breast cance), Louise Sweet (breast cancer), Suzanne Chamberlain (breast cancer), and Amanda Bostick (Breast Cancer).

Young adults diagnosed with cancer today have a worse prognosis than those diagnosed 25 years ago.

I hope that you will join me in this journey by supporting the cause of the Ulman Cancer Fund through a donation. No amount is too small. Please donate HERE!

For giggles.. if you wish to pledge per mile: 15miles/day x 21 days = 315 miles!!!! OR if you are feeling extra motivated... 150 miles/day x 21 days = 3150 miles! Thank you for whatever contribution you can offer!!! 

And THANK YOU to my mom and dad for stepping up to help with my kids and to my husband for allowing me to live such an amazing life!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Impossible things!

I stumbled up on Joel Runyon's Website Impossible HQ and was immediately intrigued!

Then my friend Christine (check her out. She organized a 5k last year and earned $20k for Haiti) sent a Facebook message to a bunch of us listing the 10 impossible things she did in 2011 and the 10 impossible things she wanted to do in 2012... all based on Joel's Impossible HQ site.

I decided to play along.

10 Things in 2011

1. Completed a half distance triathlon. 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1mile run
2. Became a sponsored triathlete
3. Worked at two Rev3 events and had two of the most epic weekends of my life
4. Moved my Great Uncle into a home and organized his entire portfolio of
art - including 150 canvases and nearly 1000 pieces of original art on paper.
5. Simplified our belongings and donated thousands of dollars worth of stuff we did NOT need.
6. Completed my 4th marathon despite fighting an injury
7. Rode the MS150 with my family from Houston to Austin
8. Tried my hand at Personal Training & eliminated another thing that does not quite express my passion
9. Kept pushing through physical obstacles to keep on running.
10. Discovered that I am physically and mentally stronger than I thought I was.

on Tap for 2012

1. Run Across America with Rev3
2. Raise $100k for Ulman Cancer Fund w/ Rev3
3. Race my 2nd 70.3 at Rev3 ME
4. Start ECH Fine Art and Designs and sell my Great Uncle's Art
5. Send 1 hand written card every day for 365 days
6. Do 52 Random Acts of Kindness with my kids
7. Compost {Again}
8. Downsize our house
9. Return to my {mostly} vegetarian diet for my health and the environment
10. Go 1 month, 2 months, 3 month w/o purchasing anything BRAND new. (except running shoes)

As the year goes on I will be constructing a "life long" list of IMPOSSIBLE things. Like a bucket list, but, like, way cooler! :) I encourage you to reach for the stars. To put that thing out there that rolls around in the back of you mind.... that you never speak. SPEAK it... to the world... and watch impossible things happen! Make IMpossible POSSIBLE!

Speaking of impossible things. Here are something to inspire you to think of IMPOSSIBLE things and walls YOU can shatter!

Jim Wilkes a Team RWB triathlete. His doctor USED the word IMPOSSIBLE when he asked if he could ever do a triathlon. Look at him now! Like him on Facebook!!!