Sunday, January 21, 2007

The joys of motherhood.

I have a plugged duct!!! AH! Tom called this a 'joy of motherhood'.. where are the 'joys of fatherhood'?

So the advantages of a plugged duct.. I now know that when the time comes for me to get the 'augmentation' my body can handle a full C or small D! ha The disadvantage.. well I have one small C and one large C/small D breast at the moment. The larger of two is hard as a rock (well half of it is) and is quite painful when any pressure is applied to it. Another disadvantage... having to pump, massage (despite pain) and HOPE that this thing will eventually let go before I end up w/ Mastitis and on Antibiotics! BLAH!

Along w/ this momma has finally come down w/ the cold that has been going through the family.. starting w/ Tom.. to Jason.. finally Lily and now me! It's not too bad yet and hopefully I can fend it off before it gets out of control!

Anyone out there that has advice about what to do to deflate my boob before it explodes feel free to chime in!


  1. Katie2:14 PM

    Okay, funny to be commenting on this but I've had it happen multiple times (many times w/ Madelyn and a couple with Gracelyn). First time I thought I was getting the flu b/c I got a fever and everything. So, shower with hot water and massage like anything. Keep feeding off that breast too (or pumping too is always good) and massage like crazy when they are sucking (I know it hurts very bad!!!). Take a warm cloth and put it on the breast while massaging and really work at it consistently (every hour or so) and hopefully it will work itself out. I would massage so much it felt like a bruise : ( That's what I did (with tears involved!) and they worked themselves out. I'm sure you've done most of that but maybe it helps some. Isn't it crazy how your breast can seriously be hard as a rock? Oh the fun of it all! I hope you feel better (regarding this & the cold) and your kiddies!!

  2. Thank you for the advice.. I can't wait for the relief!!!

  3. Good luck! I never had that happen so I can't be of any help. It sounds like Katie has some good ideas.

  4. Jennie10:35 AM

    Ug. That sucks!! No advice here, only sympathy!

  5. I don't remember having it happen either. I'm sorry! This is the part of motherhood I must have blocked out and continue to block out. I guess I'd better be ready to break out the boobs again, huh? ugh! At least I had 2-3 months to enjoy my deflated small ones. Hopefully they'll return in a year or so. I hope you find some relief soon!!!