Wednesday, January 10, 2007

taken a lot out of me!

Wow, that last post must have taken a lot out of me! ha ha I think this is the longest I've gone w/o posting - aside from the trip to Seattle - since the babies were born... but my memory is fuzzy and I could be wrong.

I really don't have much to report... our wireless was out so I had to plug into the modem - EEK! The modem is in the office upstairs and only allowed me internet access while the babies were napping... so a couple hours a day.

We are getting so close to the birth of Julie and Karen Ps babies!!!! Only about 4 more weeks!!! YEAH! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to 'meet' the baby girls! Though I'm sad that I have to meet them over the internet... BLAH! Greg is out of town until the end of the month so baby girl Golding has been instructed to stay put until daddy gets home... here's hoping she takes instruction well and is happy to stay in Karen's tummy! Baby girl Sweet is doing well and is engaging already... her bro was a bit early so we expect the same from you little girl. Julie has been instructed to head STRAIGHT to the hospital at first sign of labor as she went pretty quick w/ baby boy and baby girl could come even faster! Hugs to you both and hoping for easy labors for you both!!! Good luck and you better let us know immediately when those beautiful baby girls enter this world!

The trip down to Houston is in the works. Mom will be flying up in early March and we will head out on Sunday March 4th... early. HOPEFULLY the babies will get their morning nap in the car (though they typically won't nap too long in the car) and we will stop in Savoy to visit Julie, Todd, Cooper and BG Sweet for an overnight... it's only 4.5 hours into our 1000+ mile trip, but I can't just DRIVE BY Savoy w/o stopping in. Then we're off to Little Rock, AR for our next overnight... and up and at 'em early the next morning to finish out the trip to Houston (really The Woodlands). These babies sure are getting around in their little lives. Mom is hot on the trail for baby accutraments... she bought high chairs already and will be borrowing some baby stuff from my Aunt Susan. (She has grandson's she often entertains at her place.) I was originally thinking it would be such a relief to head to Houston, where it's warmer, after a long hard winter, but it really hasn't been that bad. I'm still excited to head down and Tom is excited to be able to go to Taiwan a bit longer than he would have felt comfortable w/ had he been leaving us here. Tom will then fly into Houston on March 27th and do some dealer visits then drive back up w/ us... w/ hopefully another stop in Savoy to see the Sweets. And for those of you that are wondering... Phoebe will be traveling to Houston w/ mom and I.

That's all I got really... the babies are napping fairly well.. we're working on trying to get them to sleep longer than 3 hours at a stretch at night... this involves painful (for mom) amounts of crying (it's really not that bad... I'm just sensitive) at night, but it seems to be working.. SLOWLY! Most likely all just in time for teething... which seems to not be happening AT ALL. Maybe they will be like their cousin Riley and get them all in a flash!


  1. Sleeping through the night was one of the biggest milestones for our girls. Well, maybe it was biggest for me! I was not prepared for how much all that lack of sleep was going to affect me. It was not fun. Hang in there.

    One of ours got her teeth in(maybe 8 by now & working on her molars)with no problem at all. No crying, no drooling, no diarrhea. They just popped out and she started chewing. However, at 15 months, her sister has yet to cut a tooth.

    Every baby seems to have their own time line for things. Don't worry about it too much. But I do hope the one doesn't hold out on the potty training like she is with her teeth.

  2. Matt - 15 months and no teeth?? That has got to be a record. I thought Liam was slow! His first came at 8 months, Riley's came at 6 months and she did get a mouthful quickly, but it was a PAINFUL process!!! You will have to post while you are in Texas. You can't go a whole month w/out updates. Riley saw the picture of jason and lily and was so excited. Jason? (jeyson) and Lily? She said Lily so cute - all her l's pronounced and drawn out.

  3. Jennie4:29 PM

    A change of scenery will probably be nice for you. I hope you survive the road trip! Two kids, a mom AND a dog?! Whew.

  4. Yeah, our Dr. said not to worry about it though. She said even if she goes year and a half, that's still considered within the "normal" time frame. So I figure she has a few months before we need to do anything. But then, what exactly do you do if your baby has no teeth?

    Just last night, toothless Paige put her finger in her sister's mouth...and she totally bit it! She's done that to me too and it hurts. Those little baby chompers are sharp. And it was made even wose because she had just gone over and given Mollie a big, unprompted, hug. We were like "Awwwwwwwww", like such proud parents. And then the she started screaming like her finger was gone. It kind of ruined the moment.

  5. Yeah, doubt they make falsies for little babies. :) I'm sure they'll come in!!! Funny about the hug and bite... the joys of two! :)