Tuesday, April 28, 2009

That's life....

We've been sick and busy and figuring things out... that's my excuse for my absence.

First we were in Texas in March. Only days - or the day after?? - the kids and I got back from our trip Tom came home w/ a relocation package to move to Connecticut. We are headed to CT this weekend to check it out and learn more about the opportunity. Needless to say both our heads are spinning. The good news... or one of the good things... about it all is that it's got a fire lit under my butt to get things done around the house. The trim and finishing on the french doors is done. Jason's wall has been patched (uh, at least a year later), primed, textured and painted. The baseboard trim on the main level of the house is almost done. The basement is in the process of being cleaned out as is the garage and I have made MANY trips to the donation box down the street. Okay... typing it out doesn't make it sound like much, but things are happening.

Along w/ the projects the kids and I have been SICK. Jason was really sick and I saw my tell tale spots that usually indicate I have strep throat. It occurred to me that maybe Jason had it too. I took him to the doctor with Lily in tow. Every time we go anywhere like that (docs office, dentist, hair place) whatever is done w/ one has to be done w/ the other. They looked at Jason's throat and said it was VERY red and irritated then looked at Lily's and said it was a bit red. Jason had been sick for a couple of days and Lily had been fine aside from a runny nose. They cultured Jason and it came back negative. I had told the doc about my recurrent strep over the last couple of months so they cultured Lily too. And she had it. Turns out what I had wasn't strep (thank God), but I did get an ear infection so I ended up on meds anyway. Oh well, we seem to be headed back to normal. There is still a fair amount of coughing - particularly at night - going on at our house so we haven't gone back to the gym yet.

All of this has pretty much derailed any training I was doing... I've been in the pool TWICE since mid Feb. TWICE! UGH. I'm in trouble. And the two times I was there were LAME! I'm running and riding when I can, but it's not enough... not nearly enough. I'm hoping that my base from last year is holding strong and that my body will respond quickly next week when I try again to get back in the swing of things.

Ah well, that's life....