Wednesday, August 30, 2006

walks, sleep and growth

I think I've discovered my secret weapon in getting these kids to sleep.. THE WALK! We went for a walk on Sunday and the babies had both good naps and good night time sleep (both going to sleep and sleeping), Monday no walk .. bad naps and not going to bed until midnight, Tuesday went for a nice hour walk and they napped well and went to bed at 9:45pm w/o one peep of complaint.. this is after big J slept for over an hour in his PNP. So today.. we walk. It's great for me too. I need to get out of the house and we all know I need the exercise. I have day dreams of starting to run again too! :) I'll try them in the jogger again in a couple of weeks and see if we can get by. Run I will! :) I've got my feelers out there for my next race.. maybe I'll run the Jingle Bell run here in Madison in December.. that ought to be nice and balmy! ha

Here is a picture of Jason in an outfit that Gma Joan brought on her was HUGE then and it fits now. She was here only about 2 weeks ago.. damn these kids grow fast! ;)
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And a cute twin Matchy Matchy picture.. :)
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We're so excited for Karen, Andy, Liam and Riley to come and visit.. it's been SO long. Hopefully Julie, Todd and Cooper will be able to make it up for the long weekend as well!!!! We'll miss Jennie and Colleen!!!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

So sad and first night w/o Tom

So sad… I started to pack up Jmans 0-3 month clothes. My little 6 lber has outgrown them.. especially w/ his big boy diaper on! He’s not even 3 months yet. I know, he’s close. Lily is getting close, but she’s only outgrowing the length. So who’s having the next boy??? I’ve already started a little care package for you… will it be Karen P??? Will it be Julie?? Will it be Jennie???

Last night was the first night that Tom was away! My mom stayed the night to help out. 7:30pm rolled around and the babies were acting tired – normally Tom and I would sling them from dinner time to bed time so they are usually sleeping at this hour. Mom had run home to grab her over night stuff so I decided to just see if they would either go to bed for the night or at least nap until around 9pm. I took them up a bit drowsy and put them in their crib. I proceeded to try to rock them or bounce them or whatever them to sleep. They WERE NOT having it and were both screaming so I would hold one .. put it down and pick up the other.. back and forth as they cried, settled, cried, settled. And damn if Lily’s scream couldn’t wake the dead. I ended up having to take a break outside b/c they were driving me crazy and I couldn’t make them stop crying. I came back inside and, yep, still crying. So I threw in the towel and took them in my room. I laid w/ them for a bit until .. yes.. they started crying AGAIN. So I got set up so I could rock them both… see if I can describe. Lily on a pillow on my legs w/ my legs Indian style and bouncing while I hold Jason in my arms. This gets them calmed down, but I can’t move and it becomes most uncomfortable. They fell asleep so I moved them so we could all lay down. That lasted about 10 seconds. My mom came back and we rocked them to sleep and put them in their cribs. I laid down for bed at 9:50pm.. At 9:55pm Jason started to cry so I went and got him to side nurse him to sleep. No sooner did I get settled and he was dozing that Lily started to cry. By this time it was around 10:30pm and at he 2 hours since the last nursing mark… so I nursed them. I thought okay, well this is our normal-ish nurse/bed time so hopefully they will just go to sleep. (also they are well past the “babies should only be up for 2 hours” mark). NOPE!!! They were wide awake. So I left the light on dim and just laid down to go to sleep. I think I dozed a bit before they started to cry AGAIN. God help me if I throw these babies out the damn window!!!! I had had it.. I’d be in at this for HOURS! What the hell is wrong w/ these kids!!!??? It’s BED TIME GO TO SLEEP ALREADY! I threw my hands up and was just sitting there watching them cry when my mom came in. Lily finally fell asleep and mom rocked Jason to sleep in a matter of minutes and when SHE put him down he stayed asleep!!! Little fauker!!!

So anyway.. it was 11:55pm at this time. My FIVE hour endeavor to put these kids to bed.. and it ends w/ my MOM finally doing it. Shit… thank God she’s here.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

They sleep

YIPPEE!!!! They slept for the first part of the night in their crib!!!! About 10pm to 2am... then I nursed them and put them in our bed.. :) I nursed them one at a time and was afraid to put one back in that might wake the other.

At 9pm we went upstairs and Tom took Lily out of the sling... she was CRASHED, but she had a cloth diaper on and needed to be changed into a disposable.. he changed her and she didn't even wake up so we put her back to sleep in the crib. I changed and nursed Jason (he did NOT stay asleep) and by 10pm had him rocked to sleep. I put my head on the pillow and turned out the light and, I KID YOU NOT, Lily immediately started to cry. UGH!

I nursed her and she wouldn't settle in our room so I took her in the nursery where their white noise CD was playing and it was really dark. She fell asleep instantly so I put her down in the crib and held my breath! She STAYED asleep. So I went in our room to get Jason - who WOULD NOT close his eyes and go to sleep - and did the same thing, and I'll be damned if it didn't work. I put him down - again holding my breath - and he stayed asleep too! I went back in to our room assuming that they woule both start to wail at the same time about the time I either put my head on the pillow, or drifted off to sleep. I said a little prayer that they would sleep (more like a little BEG.. PLEASE GOD LET THEM SLEEP!!)... and went to bed. I was woken by cries around 2am. I was amazed. Jason even slept for another half hour to hour before he woke to eat!

So... as w/ the 5 to 6 hours of sleep they started getting when Pat and Joan were here, I do not expect a repeat performance tonight, but I'll give it a shot! :)

Here's a cute pic of Jason sleeping on his side this a.m. He kicks me in the back when he's ready for me to wake up and feed him.. I think he just starts stirring before he wakes and he's gotten himself turned around and ends up kicking... a good reason to move them to their crib.. they are getting bigger by the minute!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thank you Auntie Jennie!!

Check out the super cute onesies that Auntie Jennie made for us....

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that's it for now.. gotta go soothe babies!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Parent's first outing...

Oh, I almost forgot.. Tom and I took our first big outing sans babies yesterday! Mom and Dad watched them while we rode our bikes first to a coffee shop for a coffee and scone then over to the big farmer's market at the capitol. We got some veggies for a nice fresh dinner and headed back. We were only gone about an hour, but it was fun to just go hang out together ... first time in 2.5 months.. and we had to get it done before out "staff" departs to return to their lives (even if only for a few months)

Here's a pic of Lily smiling.. it's not the best shot, but it's the best I've been able to get so far! Papa found a tickle spot that pretty reliably makes her smile.. hmm.. but usually only when Papa tickles her.

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Not going to CIO (cry it out)

Okay... so I read more of the book and Dr. W (whatever his name is) of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child does not condone letting "young" (whatever he means by that) babies cry it out. I felt I needed to clarify.

We tried and it just felt totally wrong to me.. along w/ not working at all. We have decided that the set up we've got going right now is pretty damn good.. 9.5 week old babies sleeping (relatively consistently) for 6 hours a night is probably the best we could reasonably expect..and this a.m. Lily napped w/ me until around 9:45am. off and on w/ some nursing of course.

So what I've taken away for this period of their tender little lives is to pay attention to the maximum wakeful time of 2 hours during the day and even watching closely to see if they need to be put down before that. I think it's really helping. It just didn't occur to me that I would have to make sure the babies got opportunities to sleep.. I figured they would sleep when they are tired.

We are going to wait until the babies are between 12 and 15 (adjusted for their 3 week early arrival) weeks to start working on getting them to sleep in their cribs. We are both cool w/ that. We will alternate the babies in the co-sleeper so they start getting used to sleeping in their own space... I did enjoy cuddling w/ Lily this a.m. She was havning a hard time getting settled.. I think she was cold b/c the temps are dropping for the impending fall! (YEAH! - not so yeah about the winter that follows)

For those that care Jason slept from 7:45pm to 2 am last night.. he started out in a sling from 7:45pm to 9:30 ish,, but hey, he slept. We're thrilled. Lily was up a bit more, but it wasn't too bad.. at least she wasn't screaming (like she used to) and would go back to sleep easily.

It feels like Lily is finally getting some heft to her.. if she stayed in the 1 oz. a day gain she has officially hit 9 lbs... What a big girl. Oh and dad (Papa) found a tickle spot that pretty consistantly makes her smile - I tried to catch it on the camera, but no luck. I'll keep trying!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dean Karnazes (Crazy Legs)

Okay this guy is NUTS. the dude that ran a marathon in each state.. at least I think this is the guy.. is now planning to run 50 marathons in a ROW.. one each day. his training includes one marathon a week.. check it out:

Dean Karnazes

Friday, August 18, 2006

Teach them to Sleep

Okay... when I decided I wanted children I KNEW I would have to teach them to poopy in the potty, but I didn't know I would have to first teach them how to eat (nurse) then teach them how to sleep. WTH isn't that just something that comes naturally? NOPE!

So I'm reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. The book goes against attachment parenting that says not to let your child cry it out... just cry until it falls asleep. Attachment parenting subscribes to the fact that allowing your child to cry it out will cause them to lose trust in you.. to lose trust in the fact that you will be there to fulfill their basic needs in life. It suggests that this will cause your toddler to be clingy and needy while attchment parenting will create a more independent child b/c the child knows you will be there to fulfill it's basic needs should s/he get hurt or need help. I agree w/this philosophy, but this book does make sense... and suggests that sleep is one of the most important things for your child's developing brain.. eat/eliminate/sleep!

I tried some crying yesterday in short bits and it was hard. I would then rock them and try to get them to sleep.. Jason slept the recommended amount yesterday, but Lily would NOT!

One recommendation is to put them to sleep one hour after they wake up in the a.m. then throughout the day to not allow them more than 2 hours of wakefulness to avoid them becoming over tired. To put them down when they first show signs of being tired... and to let them cry if they don't fall asleep. The book says that you will only have to endure the crying for a couple of weeks then the baby will happily go down for naps and to bed at night.

This a.m. the babies woke at 6:30am for breakfast. I nursed them.. played a bit then put them in their crib at 7:30am, shut the door and went downstairs. At first they were quiet, then Jason started to cry and Lily chimed in shortly after. Lily cried for about 15 mins and Jason for about 20...then quiet. This lasted about 20 mins and Jason just started crying again.. oh, and there goes Lily.

Working by braille on this parenting thing. Not sure if at this point I should consider 20 mins their nap and go get them or let them cry again and fall back to sleep. I think I've had enough crying for this nap.. I'm going to go get them and love on least until their next nap in the next 1 to 2 hours.

Again, this shit is HARD!

Congrats to Karen and Andy... you will know what I mean soon!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

damn vaccines!

So we were in a nice little routine (I hesitate to use the word schedule) and those stupid vaccines ruined it.. why? Why did I do that? Yesterday was okay... Jason was super drowsy, but would wake just fine to eat.. he had two rounds of tylenol.. one when he got the shots and one when he ran a fever. Lily only got the dose when she got the shots and seemed to be in okay spirits.. just a bit out of it. So they both slept fine yesterday, but last night was a totally different story! I was up every hour last night w/ one baby or another.. okay I didn't see the 1am hour, but I saw every other one.. whether it was b/c the baby was hungry, gassy or just generally didn't feel well. Damn vaccines! I was told the Rotovirus vaccine can cause intestinal upset for up to 4 or 5 days. I feel just awful. As I sat in the rocker last night night I thought of all the horrible things coursing through my poor babies' systems... I tried to remind myself that as they coursed through thier little bodies were creating immunities against them.. but damn do I feel bad.

This a.m. they were both screaming as if they were in pain (yes, at the same time and yes I was by myself) It just broke my heart. Normally if they cry I feed them and it stops, but nothing worked so I gave them more tylenol. UGH! Lily finally passed out and I was able to calm Jason by nursing him off to sleep.

They are both just exhausted this a.m... as am I. I hope this runs it's course quickly. I feel horrible!

This motherhood thing.. you just can't win!

I was thinking the other day about how Lily screams and how everything that a child does "wrong" or that appears to be wrong w/ them ... even if it's just their disposition... is blamed on the mother. "Oh, she should feed that baby more." "Oh, she's obviously spoiling that child" "Oh, that child needs some discipline, his/her mother is just too lenient"

What the hell people!!!! And it's especially coming from other women.. what's the matter w/ us!? Did it ever occur to people that 1) that woman is doing the best she can (in most cases) and 2) some people are just cranky/rebellious.. so forth and so on!

Okay... off to pump (Tom and I are going out on our own for the first time while mom and dad watch the babies and I want to have milk in case we are longer than we hope to be).. and read my sleep book. Trying to figure out how the hell I'm supposed to rock two babies off to sleep for thier naps.. ugh this shit is HARD!

Kudos to all you moms out there.. and double kudos to those of you that do this more than once! At this point I just can't imagine!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Growing, growing, growing

We had our 8 week appointment yesterday and the first weigh in for quite a while... they are GROWING!

Jason is weighing in at 11lbs 8oz and is 23 inches long, Lily is 8lbs 12oz. and is 21 3/4 inches long... WOW! My big babies. Jason is in the 50th percentile and Lily (finally on the charts) is in about the 8th percentile!

The time went by so fast that we never got around to really talking about the vaccines... we ended up doing all that they wanted us to do. Tom said he was a, "better safe than sorry" kind of guy and I just decided to go with it. The doc promised me there was no mercury. So my little babies got one oral vaccine (rotovirus) and three pokes. I'm pretty sure I cried more than they did. So far they've been a bit more fussy and have been SLEEPING more.. not too much, but more!

We had a great visit w/ Pat and Joan. Pat got sucked into helping with our replacement windows and spent about two days on that endeavor (I think he was happy to do it.) and Joan, Mom and I went out and about w/ the babies to avoid the noise and dust... it was... HMM fun I guess! ha One day we walked to the coffee shop then went to the lake and sat outside and chatted..then walked back. The next day we went to the mall and to lunch. Being in the places was fun.. getting there was a bit stressful. So long as the babies are in the slings they are happy, but in the car seats they tend to SCREAM and in the car there's just not much you can do. Joan - the lucky one - was able to turn her hearing aids off.. tricky! ha

Here's a pic w/ gma and gpa Mount:
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Sunday, August 13, 2006

I hesitate to post this!

All is well here and having two grandmas again to help has been great! I've showered every day and even got out for a walk/run by myself the other day.. and I am (pathetically) sore.

I hesitate to post that Lily and Jason started sleeping 6 hours a night the other night. Jason has slept through by himself once (he will go back to sleep when I cuddle him) and Lily has slept through twice on her own. Let's hope I didn't just jinx it - I'm still not counting on it as a pattern.

Also.. Lily has started nursing without her shield. I'm THRILLED!

Okay.. the men are installing our replacement windows and it's loud and dusty so I'm going to go tank up the chitlens and the women are going to head out.. most likely just to a coffee shop. I'm sure the patrons of the shop will be happy to see us coming!

Pictures to come!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Jason smiles and Lily has a friend.

Just a quick post to share some fun pictures... my friend Suzanne stopped by today w/ her daughter Lily and I got some cute pictures:
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And look what else I finally caught on camera: (still working on Lily)
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Confession time!!!

Before I became a parent I thought it was ridiculous how much crap parents had for their kids, I mean SERIOUSLY people!!!!!!!

Now I get it. I have a double Snap N Go stroller for the car seats, a jogger (which I can't even use yet), and I just went out and bought the mercedes benz of strollers.. the Maclaren!!!! My babies are a mere 2 months old and I ALREADY have THREE strollers!!!

My apologies for my past judgements!! I was wrong.

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This is on the way out for the walk from HELL!!! We walked to Whole Foods (1.8 miles each way)... I had to carry Jason the last bit on the way there.. on the way back we had to stop in a bitof shade to nurse them. Mom sat close and I she held Jason's body while I tandem nursed them. Then Lily would NOT be put back in fir quite some time so I carried her. We left at 10:30am & didn't get back until 1pm.... babies are NOT ready to walk that far. I was exhausted when we got back.

8 weeks old

They are 8 weeks old.. or as regular folkswould say.. 2 months!!!

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and again for comparison... 5 weeks
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their faces are filling out and they are both chubbing up... Jason at a more alarming rate than Lily.

Monday, August 07, 2006

We have friends!

My friend Darcy and her son Gabe came for a visit today.. SEE I have friends! :)

I know I"m not supposed to compare... but her baby eats every three to four house.. didn't cry at all while he was visiting and is sleeping well.. he's only 5 weeks old.. WTH!? Why aren't my babies eating nicely like that.. ha ha Nice work Gabe and Darcy! :)

Here are some pics:

Darcy and Gabe
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The babies:
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Isn't Gabe's rock star hair adorable??? He'll be using product soon! ha

Also here are pics of the cute outfits Grandma and Grandpa B got the kids...

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Gotta run... apparently 6 - 10 pm is when I am to be stationed on the couch as the milk truck.. :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy 7 weeks!

they are 7 weeks old today.... PHEW! i think we made it through the first two growth spurts... though they nursed a ton yesterday!

There isn't much new to report... Tom and I are off to the DMV today to become official Wisconsinites... we were supposed to get new licenses w/i 90 days... oops. Tom's expired on his bday so now we HAVE to get it done. :) W/ the new van we automatically got our car licensed... the Subaru still has Washington tags. I'm not really ready to let go of my Washington drivers license, but oh well. It's a double bummer b/c this is the only "good" DL photo I've ever had.

Mom and dad have agreed to stay for Tom's first trip out of town.. thank god. I've said it a million times I know, but I would be DYING if they weren't here. I can only hold one baby at a time.. and when they both scream... ugh.

Here's some photos... do I look tired?

Mommy and Lily (technically I am holding two babies here.. Jason is in the sling.. but I really don't like to do it.. makes me nervous... but if you could only hear lily's screams!)
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Jason sitting up w/ help from Papa Mills (I think he's watching TV.. ugh!)
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Lily and daddy:
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Meltdown... and daddy making funny faces:
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