Friday, January 05, 2007

Reflections coming...

so the reflections on 2006 are starting a bit here and there.. I'm not sure why they are so tough this year.. maybe b/c half of the year was an exhausting blur! ha

On a run w/ Phoebe I remembered that running and walking w/ her is such a dream now!

- So in s2006 we were able to Whisper (read: Train) our dog to do better on walks and around the house... we transformed Phoebe in 2006. That is quite and accomplishment and I'm proud of that... not that it wasn't w/o hiccups and one big mishap.

- We brought two of the most beautiful babies into the world after a years long struggle w/ infertility.... HALLELUJAH!!!

- And we have managed to survive PHASE I of becoming parents and seem to have come out of it unscathed... still married... and still free citizens of this great country. Well done!

- We acclimated to our new home city. We weathered our first winter and have managed to meet some very nice people w/i our community.

- We managed to bring two lives into the world w/o buying a crap load of NEW baby stuff. We stayed smart, we recycled or borrowed used baby products like a stroller, some baby seats, boppy's, play mats, exersaucers, a co-sleeper, a crib, bouncy seats.... Not that we didn't buy any new stuff (like my beloved Maclaren), but I feel good about not over consuming on the baby front.. I didn't buy a bunch of new plastic stuff that will eventually end up in a land fill.

- We kept our promise to ourselves that we would be flexible as parents, and though it is surely a life changing event we have managed to bring the babies out to dinner, on walks, to Seattle and out w/ friends... all the while keeping a semblance of schedule. (ha, as if I can even whisper that word in this house) We have certainly had to adhere to more of a schedule than we - naively - thought we would, but we have tried not to be a slave to it.

- all in all it was a pretty healthy year as well.. w/o me working I wasn't living on coffee and M&Ms so that helps. I had my fair share of ice cream during the pregnancy, but we have done a pretty decent job of maintaining a decent diet since they've been here (thanks mom for cooking for us for the first 3 months!!!)

- Another good one is that my house didn't TOTALLY fall apart when my mom left. I worried that I wouldn't ever be able to clean - or shower for that matter - but our house is clean (enough for me... stop laughing mom), I'm showered and the babies are bathed (tom's on his own - I assume he maintains good hygiene)... so I feel successful in that department.

- Managed to nurse two babies exclusively (w/ formula here and there in the beginning), but all milk all the time now.

- Started to and continuing to use cloth diapers - much to the chagrin of many nay sayers! - and in large part to my mom helping me w/ the laundry load in the beginning.

Looking back on 2006... it's one of the best (hardest) of my life... My babies are here.. we are a family now. It was by far the hardest year of my life.. harder than the infertility struggle by far... and I would be lying if I said I wasn't glad it was over. The new year comes at an interesting time in the kids' development... pretty close to their transition to being fun! So I leave behind 2006 and the struggles of 2 newborns to enter into 2007 w/ two REALLY fun and interesting babies! Oh and a great husband and a dog that is a little less annoying!


  1. I loved your reflections! I"m goign to steal your idea and do them too. Because this was a HUGE year for us as well.

  2. You guys have done a lot in the last year and should feel good about all of it. I still can't imagine parenting two little babies at once and surviving. You rock! And Jason, Lily, & Pheobe are awesome too. :) Can't wait to see everyone again soon.

  3. PROPS to you, my friend. I honestly can't imagine coming out of 2006 with my sanity if I had 2 helpless, needy babies that constantly needed me. My 2 children are 19 months apart, and I thought THAT was tough.

    So again, PROPS.

    MN Rachel

  4. Rachel, it was a close call.. on coming out of 06 w/ my sanity, but alas I am here... and really as far as childrearing goes. I don't know any different... though I did find myself thinking "wow this would be way easier w/ ONE baby" quite a bit! :)

    Thanks for the props! :)