Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Organic Valley milk cartons

Good news... you can shop for your milk w/o worrying about BPA!!! I contacted both Organic Valley and Horizon regarding their milk cartons and what they use as the lining... I am waiting to hear back from Horizon, but here is the response from Organic Valley!! PHEW!

Dear Laura,

Thank you for contacting us at Organic Valley. No, we do not use BPA in the lining of our milk cartons. The plasticused is either #2 or #3 depending on the carton. I hope this provides you with the information that you requested. Do nothesitate to contact me if you require additional assistance.

Brandy Smith-Vuich
Organic Valley/ Cropp Cooperative
Consumer Relations
1-888-444-6455 ext.437


  1. Jennie4:11 PM

    Good news! Way to be proactive! I wonder what soy milk producers use? What did you ask them when you wrote to them?

  2. Thanks for checking this out. good to know i don't have to stop buying horizon chocolate milk for L and R.

  3. Karen, it was Organic Valley that responded... not Horizon.. still waiting to hear from them. I will update when/if I hear from them.

  4. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Great post. I was going to write something similar. Will check this blog more often I think.

  5. Anonymous11:20 AM

    #3 is PVC, which isn't so hot either.

    I called Horizon and Organic Valley and they both said the use #2 HDPE only for their milk cartons. Good news.

  6. Hi Laura! I like your web site. I started running at age 50 and have just completed my 53rd marathon. I am also a paranoid sceptic. I wouldn't be happy with the response that the plastic used is "#2 or #3". That could mean anything.