Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Feeling better...

for those of you that may have been worried about my mood I wanted to let you know that I am feeling better. :) I have a great husband that does what he can to give me some ME time and it helps a lot.

I do love my life... it has it's struggles for sure, but overall I enjoy my kids and don't mind the house work (the small bit I do) too much! ha Though now that Lily is crawling w/ abandon I see my house (and lack of house work) from a whole new perspective. I saw her grab something as she cruised under the dining table - and I was trying to get a pic - and though it was some small object that had rolled under there... nope it was small object that grew under there... a bunny rabbit ... no dust bunny.. haha more like a dust phoebe. A nice clump of phoebe's hair that had been attached to the chair leg. Looks like I need to crawl around on all 4s on a regular basis to make sure I got everything. I did actually swiffer under the table just the other day.

Lily is off to the races for sure these days!!! She is headed for the dog water a lot...

I'm sure to be busy now... and Jason is thinking about getting his crawl on.. he's moving.. albeit slowly and w/ little grace!

I'm having fun taking the little videos.. and love watching them over and over. I hope you are enjoying them too. I will continue to post the in my photo album... just click on the little picture of the TV and they should play! :)m


  1. I love the videos, and I wasn't too worried about your mood. We wouldn't be human is we didn't go through our down times! Now I suppose you will be starting to think about gates! has L had a growth spurt of hair? Her head is covered in it! I am much more used to seeing babies that look like Jason. ;-) (ok, yeah, I am just jealous!)

  2. I know she's got so much hair.. :) I was just looking back at old pics and videos and it reminded me of how much hair she has now. It's not as obvious to me since I see them every day! :) Maybe it's all the veggies she's eating lately. haha

  3. Glad you're feeling better! I LOVE the videos! Keep posting them!!