Friday, January 26, 2007

GREENDIMES - end Junk Mail!

Did you know that 100 million trees are cut down a year for junk mail alone, or that 28 billion gallons of water are used to create the paper for said mail, and paper makes up 235 million tons of waste that Americans send to landfills each year... at 70 pounds of junk mail a year per household. It all grows by 3 million pieces a year. (Quoted from the greendimes website)

I got the link to Greendimes from Karen's website... wow, awesome! I was just saying to Tom the other day that I wish I could stop all of our stupid junk mail. It goes straight to the recycling. I'm tired of sorting my mail over the recycling bin before I even open it.. then having the recycling bin in the house fill up in less than a week... of course if I end my junkmail I'll barely get anything in the mail anymore.. where's the site to end my bills!?

So go HERE and end your junk mail.. they plant a tree too.. how cool is that.

Thanks for the info.. I hope to walk the talk too!!!!


  1. I love that you put this on your blog. It's really nice to know I have like-minded friends who don't think I am crazy or over the top for making green choices!

  2. Kendra9:18 PM

    Hi, thanks for letting people know about GreenDimes! GreenDimes is happy to help folks reduce their junk mail by getting them off direct mail lists and unsolicited offers, and opting them out of the catalogs they no longer want (while keeping the catalogs they do want!). AND GreenDimes plants a tree for every member every month.

    Through the end of March you have the chance to do even more good by signing up- GreenDimes is giving new members 25 BONUS TREES! Already a member?
    Then refer a friend using your GreenDimes Friends tab and we'll give both of you 25 bonus trees. Learn more at

    Thanks again for the post!
    Kendra at GreenDimes