Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow falls and I wear earplugs...

It's been snowing all day here.. just light snow, but it's slowly accumulating... winter is truly upon us. T had to shovel the walk outside before he left for work and will probably have to do it again tonight. I'm hoping I can get out for a walk or run w/ Willis tonight to enjoy the new fallen white stuff. I really wish I could take the babies out.. I suppose I could wrap them up real well and use the rain fly, but my mind can't get around that today!

All was going well today until around 30 mins ago. J and L were happily playing then J blew up ... does this when he wants to be held... so I picked him up and he snuggled in, but kept kind of fussing so I checked his diaper and he had a poop... okay, no prob will just change that real quick. When I put him on the changing table he started screaming and rigged out (wouldn't bend his legs so I could get his jammies off... yes, my kids wear jammies all damn day!)... he does this when he's pissed or tired. After I changed him he wouldn't calm down so I nursed him.. then he was okay so I put him down - L was starting to fuss. Then he freaked again.. LOUD freaked. I assumed he must be tired (we were getting close to nap time) so down he went. He protested a bit, but was okay. Went back downstairs to get L - who wasn't too happy about being left alone - checked her diaper - okay, tried nursing her, but she wouldn't focus and kept SCREECHING.. mostly b/c she can and partly b/c, well I don't know... think she was tired. It was so loud and high decibel that it HURT my ears. I remember my ear plugs had somehow made there way downstairs... so I put them in.. ugh! SO LOUD. I took her up.. J was quiet. I put L down... she cried.. J woke up and now I hear J up there squawking while L is quiet... oh the joys of twins!

After typing that whole thing out... a long description of a mere 10 mins of my day that took me over the edge... this is it ladies and gentleman.. a day in the life... I'm still in my jammies too in case you were wondering.

ALAS.. it's not all bad... T turned me on to a new game L likes to play. He went up to get them from their nap while he was here for lunch and called me up. He put L in the crib w/ J then crouched down low and said, "where are the peanuts?" L raised her head up high to look down and find T... it was SO cute. They did it over and over. Remember the fun stuff, remember the fun stuff, remember the fun stuff, remember the fun stuff...

now J is quiet and L is making noise!

One more cute thing and I'll sign off... I was in the kitchen making something and could see J in the living room in the exersaucer and the top of Ls head on the floor by him. J was done w/ the exersaucer and was letting me know by squawking... everytime he would squawk L would squawk in turn as if mimicking him... pretty cute.

Okay.. better go see what's going on upstairs...

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