Friday, September 28, 2007

They are so amazing.

Jason's vocabulary has really taken off this week. I wrote a list of all the words I can think of that he says. Okay so some of these only I - the mom - could decipher, but I'm counting them anyway. I put an asterisk by the words that Lily says too.
Green Bean
Roar* they were both roaring back at the lion today (at the park by the zoo - they couldn't even see him0
Coco (their friend Charlotte's nickname)
Gaga (grandma.. he said GRANDMA once)
Woof woof
hoo hoo hoo* (as in the sound a monkey makes - complete w/ hand signals)
Quack Quack
Oh* (as in the cereal)
All done
no (duh)
Squirrel (more like Quirrel)
high chair
school (we watch the kids go to school in the a.m.)
Night Night*
Hi (Lily only... apparently Jason is more formal w/ hello)
Bye bye*
Up* (Jason recently changed his to Uppy)
Mow* (as in mow the lawn)
Wee (for the slide)
Neigh (for horse)
Turtle (said this clear as day today)

I think that's a pretty impressive list... not that I'm biased or anything.

Lily amazes me w/ her level of concentration, determination and her daring. She will sit and work on something for much longer than I would expect someone of her age to sit and do something. She will try and try. She is definitely the daring one right now. The first to climb the jungle gym, the first to go down the slide by herself, the first to try to go off a 3 foot drop feet first. She's trying to do the stairs like a big girl... forward and stepping up instead of crawling. She's such a little peanut, but she definitely doesn't let it hold her back.

We had a decent day today... this our last full day without Tom... I decided that I needed to start going to the gym even if I miss the class I wanted to take b/c the kids needed their morning nap. So today I just went and did the elliptical and some weights and took a shower in peace.. not hurrying so I could eat lunch and get stuff done before the kids got up. It was great and just the break I needed. I also rescheduled my training session for next week... yeah. It will be nice to have a plan as to what to do while I'm there since it looks like it will be a while until I'm able to reliably hit the classes I want to hit. :)

Now if I could just figure out why they are still waking up at night.. we had about a week of NO waking and it was FABULOUS!!!!! I guess I probably just have to wait. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some pictures

I'm out of steam today to say too much. All I will say is that I found out today that Tom is NOT coming home tomorrow night he is coming home Saturday afternoon. How did I not know this?? I SWEAR he said the 28th. GRR! Oh well. Next time I will be sure he emails me his itinerary!

It's gotten a bit chilly (which I'm ready for) so we wore our sweaters today and Lily was so cute in this striped sweater... (from Karen? Suzanne?)
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We went down to the park and both kids did the slide over and over... here they are getting all set feet first. Look how proud Jason is.
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Later in the day we tried on some winter garb... the kids weren't lovin' it.. hopefully that will change when the snow starts falling.
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Lily was trying to get in my pocket, but couldn't b/c of her mittens:
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Check out this sweet snow suit.. it's French.
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Not a fan of the hood:
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And then Lily had to try on Jason's suit:
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I "spend" all day w/ them...

Yesterday after I put the kids down I felt like I had barely seen them all day. This isn't the first time I've felt this way..

How can I stay at home with my kids and spend every waking moment w/ them and doing for them and feel like I barely saw them? I try really hard to do with them and not just for them, but some days the 'for them' is more than the 'with them'. Yesterday the took a good morning nap then we ran some errands - returning some clothe diapers I decided not to use, then going to buy some cups with straws for their now daily smoothies ('for them') then we got home, lunch, play while I clean (waiting for that full diaper), then down for naps. They took a great afternoon nap while I washed diapers, vacuumed and mopped floors. (for those who know me you know that the extra cleaning is also a 'for them'). They got up, had a snack, cleaned up, diapered then played a bit. They started getting fussy so we went to the park.. where I played with them, but I am more like a referee than a play mate... chasing down and watching as they climb and slide. I know every mom feels this way... a bit of a disconnect some days b/c of the 'stuff' of life, but I think it's harder w/ twins. I rarely get a day - a whole day.. ha ha.. shoot.. I barely get a 5 min span - where I can spend the day sitting down with a child, giving it all the eye contact and attention it needs and doing the things it wants to do. I get a moment here and a moment there. Mostly with Lily. Poor little thing. Jason is so demanding and in 'mama' mode and she is so amicable that I feel like she gets lost in Jason's wake. I keep telling Tom that I want to do a couple solo adventures with the kids (both of us), but when it comes down to it we don't get to spend much time as a family either so the solo excursions haven't happened yet.

Today Lily came over and handed me a book then sat in my lap so we could look at it. It melts my heart every time she does it .... but as usual moments later Jason came over and grabbed her book, sat on my other leg and pushed and shoved and grabbed until Lily wasn't interested anymore and moved on. I'm so sorry baby girl! I try to distract him with something else and go back to our book, but it never lasts.. he always comes back.

Lily... I promise you THIS WEEKEND we WILL do something just you and me! I love you honey. Jason loves you too... he just doesn't want to miss out on anything.

Things are going farely well with tom gone, but I am lonely. Before I had kids it never occured to me how isolating it could be. I remember Karen had her PEPS group and I had this vision that every day mom's spent their days getting together watching their kids play and chatting away. The reality is that you have a play group that you frequent.. maybe two.. each week. Other days either your kids or your various friend's kids are off their game on their nap schedules or someone has and appointment or a cold... and there you are by yourself stuck in the house alone w/ your cranky children and cranky self.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Oh my.. we have hit MAMA stage HARD w/ Jason. He wants his MAMA all the time now... for everything!!! and only MAMA will do.. EEK! It's cute and annoying at the same time. I know all the moms out there understand! :)

Lily has taken to doing the slide by herself. yet another twin moment at the park yesterday. Both kids on the play equipment. Lily getting close to the top of the spiral slide I usually go down w/ her and Jason on the bridge that he's not great at w/ big areas he can fall off... so I'm w/ Jason and telling Lily to wait for mommy. Well my little dare devil of a daughter gets down on her tummy and takes on the spiral slide all by herself! I think she learned the tummy move at the day care at the gym. I've come back to get them to see them going down on their tummies w/ instruction from the keepers... er, day care ladies. Then she was up there again and I was watching from the bottom and I'm not sure if she got too close to the edge while trying to go down on her tummy, if she slipped, tried to go down face first on purpose or tried to walk down the slide, but whatever happened it didnt work out well. She did a face plant on the spiral and got stuck. She was fine, but when I put her back up there to 'get back on the horse' she came down the stairs. So we did one ride together and then came home no worse for the wear. Jason in the meantime climbs up to the top of the slide then goes back down the stairs. Guess he saw Lily's fea paux and decided he didn't need the trauma! Today we went to a different park and Lily did the same thing (the going down herself not the face plant) on one of those torpedo like slides. She just loves to do things by herself. She then climbed up the slide all by herself too!!! And I thought I would be worried about Jason. Her next move was to try 'feet first' off a three foot drop... thankfully I was standing right there...

Here's a little video of the kids at dinner tonight...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Jason has started some new things... First: He is associating Mama w/ me. For example, we are in the stage where when Tom goes to check on Jason b/c he is upset he falls down in his crib and cries out for Mama. :) Poor boy is a TOTAL mama's boy! :) Second: he said GRANDMA - not Gaga - while playing w/ his phone today and Third: he is stringing two words together now.. all starting with Mama.. like "Mama, cup" - it's very cute.

Lily is saying more and more words now too.. like UP.. (yes mom, she is FINALLY saying "up" when she wants on the couch instead of "mamamamamama") She says nose, dog, raisin and Oh (as in the cereal)... and randomly she will throw other words in there not to be uttered again. She is not the type to say something just because you asked her to. She says and does things when SHE wants to. Not like Jason who loves to SHOW OFF his new skills! He will repeat almost anything.

Just quick updates here and there... we are a busy busy bunch... not that we have a lot planned... just that we (and by we I'm assuming you know I mean Jason and Lily) always have to be on the go!

They grow up fast.. and bananas are great styling products!

Here are some cute pics of the big kids. :)
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And Lily did some product testing on bananas.. they have GREAT hold.. way better than gel.. and if you mash them enough they dry without leaving a white film on your hair.
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Devil's Challenge Triathlon.. season closer for me.

So I did three triathlons this season and I'm pretty happy with my results in each one.. okay I'm SHOCKED by the results. Julie told me that you have increased endurance or something after having a baby... she must be right! :)

I did the Devil's Challenge Triathlon on Saturday and it was COLD and HILLY!!!!

Betsy picked me up at around 5:30am and we headed up to Baraboo, WI (about an hour north of here). Packet pick up opened at 6:45 and transition closed at 8am. It was a balmy 32ish degrees. DAMN I was NOT counting on that when I registered for this race!

We were freezing before we even got our stuff wracked. As I'm laying my things out I look down and realize that - like a dumbass - I wore my running shoes down (trying to minimize my gear factor) and now I had to take them off and walk around barefoot b/c I didn't bring my flip flops. My start still wasn't for almost an hour. CRRAAP! So there I was wearing sweats and no shoes walking around on frozen ground. My feet were cold and red... I wasn't the only one! We walked over to the start and I put my feet in the water.. uh, it felt tepid on my frozen dogs. So I stood in the water until it was time to put my wet suit on.

This is the FIRST time I got dressed in the head to toe neoprene without breaking a sweat. So here we are all dressed up and ready to go. We went back to the water to put our feet in while we waited for our waves to start. I had only been in the water once since Chicago - three weeks ago. I knew I could do this.. only a quarter mile. I wanted to just take it slow and steady and swim the whole way. I planned to do the whole race this way... really just enjoy the season closer and not kill myself over it. (okay for those of you that know me or have ridden w/ me lately you know that is actually rather difficult for me to do) The swim started and my other friend Gena and I just walked into the water - while others ran - and started off nice and easy. Much to my surprise and delight I was actually passing people - ON THE SWIM! Wow. I think I even passed some people from the wave in front of me. This is when I went into "game on" mode...okay... not so easy I guess. ha ha

T1 took a while b/c I had to dry off to get my arm warmers on and tried to dry my hair a bit since it was so damn cold. Off I went on my bike... I was hitting it hard and on the first hill I was out of the saddle and pushing it as hard as I could (again for those bikers out there you know that this is a good way to hit the wall early even on a short ride) ... I didn't really check the elevation charts on this ride before the race and, uh, it was a hilly one. We're talking 36mph downhills and 8 mph up hills. After the second long hill of climbing out of the saddle (thinking I was a rock star or something) I decided it was time to ride smart... I did have to run after this so I needed to save SOMETHING! The ride was taxing, but it was short and I had a lot of fun. I didn't give it everything I had, but I pushed myself. I spent time encouraging others that were struggling and/or walking their bikes up the long steep hills. I passed a lot of the novice wave people that started in the 2nd and 3rd waves - hard race to pick as your first. I even 'raced' a couple of kids that were spectating (on foot) up the last hill... uh, one beat me!

I finished strong on the bike and T2 went really fast (thanks to my Yanks - thanks Karen P) and off I went. Well, my feet were so frozen that I couldn't even feel face was even frozen so much that it was hard to talk to people. At about mile one I started to get feeling back in my feet and it felt like I had lumps in my shoes. The run was an out and back in the camp ground... I think the campers thought we were all psycho! I had a good time on the run too, but the last 1/2 mile seemed much longer than 1/2 mile.

Running on frozen stumps must work well for me because I broke an 8 min mile for the 5k... that has NEVER happened before. :)

So now let's hope I can maintain some fitness over the winter - improve my swimming - and do even better next year. I'm hooked/in now - Tom keeps bringing nicer and nicer gear home for me to ride.... he says it's b/c he's excited that I'm showing an interest in the sport ... I think he's just trying to make sure my mind stays far, far away from ever wanting more babies. Though according to Julie if I want to get fast I should just have another baby! ha ha

Monday, September 10, 2007

WHy do I do this to myself?

So I had to go and blab about how much I love my life and how great/super fantastic my kids are... ugh. They put me through the ringer today. It was all I could do to not put them out in the yard in the rain and shut the door and pretend that I don't have kids.

Why do they do this to us!? ha ha

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tooth brushing, post-dinner hair and the aftermath

some quick photos for your enjoyment.

Jason and Lily have started brushing their teeth.. okay we brush them, but you know. The get VERY excited at bed time and start signing (a sign they made up) to brush their teeth. They are more excited about the tooth brushing than they are about the nursing.

Here are pics of them brushing their teeth after breakfast:
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This is a picture of Lily after she rubbed her greasy hand in her hair at dinner time:
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And the aftermath. I took this photo at the end of the day shortly before bed time. Jason and Lily helped me fold laundry - as you can see they are very good helpers. You can also see Jason loosing it in the background. It's exhausting making a house look this good!
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Friday, September 07, 2007

I love my life!

Today I was driving home from a La Leche League for Multiples meeting and it hit me.. I just love my life today as it is right this moment. WOW! It's been a long time - WELL before kids - that I have felt this way.

This a.m. I packed up lunch, water, toys, diapers, a change of clothes for me and my two kids and we headed to the gym. This is the third time we have gone to the gym all together, but today we were adding an event AFTER the gym. I wasn't sure how the kiddos would do ... especially with the fact that we are starting the transition to one nap a day. At first I just dropped it all together and went for it, but now we are doing the 'some days we take two naps and some days we take one' approach. Anyway... the went into the Kid Kastle at the gym just fine and played great. I got through my whole class without interruption and even wondered if I should skip LLL and do a run on the treadmill, but decided to go change and get the kiddos... baby steps. We stopped at the juice bar on the way out b/c I forgot to get food for me in the bag before we left. oops. The kids ate most of my smoothy anyway. We sat there for a bit and had some then hit the car. They ate their cheerios in the car - mostly quietly - and were excited for the next adventure.

I think we have officially graduated from the LLL meetings. My kids were the oldest and by far the most vocal and active. Lily screamed at one point b/c she wanted to hold the smoothie (Blackberry - very messy) all by herself. This started a wave of screams from all the other babies. I feel like all I did the whole time was say, "Jason" followed by the "that's not a toy, stop doing that" look. He's like a bouncy ball all over the place. Needless to say I rarely really get to talk to the adults.

We took our leave pretty early b/c the kids were obviously very tired and ready for their nap. Jason was so tired that he crashed in the car w/o his usual bought of screaming before closing his eyes. Lily quietly played w/ her bear w/ a few quiet whimpers, but hung in there pretty well considering I forgot her pacifier. Oops.

It was at this moment in the car w/ Jason nodding off and Lily playing w/ her bear that I felt the wave of perfection in my life. Jason and Lily are by far the most active kids I know and it gets them in trouble sometimes. They are a handful, but you know what... I LOVE IT! Okay, not EVERY second of the day... but for the most part I'm glad they are opinionated, I'm glad that the explore every inch of a place... even (or especially) those places they really shouldn't go. They are little reincarnations of their mom and dad (aren't the grandparents happy to hear that? Is revenge really as sweet as they say it is?). They challenge me as a parent on a continual basis, but they also love as ferociously as they do everything else and I get more than my fair share of hugs times two.

Life is good. For the twin moms reading this... the first.. uh, year... is hard! HARD... H-A-R-D and I didn't really get the moms that were all blissful about their twins. You know the ones.. they say things like, "I LOVE having twins.".. while I'm thinking.. whatever you are smoking you MUST share... well, I'm there.. I'm loving it.. I couldn't imagine just one. Sure it would make getting into the gym w/ my bags and what not a lot easier, but I would only get half the hugs, half the kisses, half the laughs and half the comedy.

Oh, I put Lily on the potty last night just to see if she would poop.. but she didn't. It was funny though: (no I'm not trying to potty train... just wanted to see if she would do it AND what she would do if she did.)

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

another video...

Here's another cute video of dinner time...

We're hanging in there...

We are surviving life w/o Gma here every day. :) It's rough, but we're making it. ha ha We get out of the house a lot... Phoebe is happy that the daily walk has been reinstated in the daily routine! We've also hit the gym twice this week and Jason and Lily really seem to enjoy the day care there. I feel like I picked the right gym, Pinnacle, because the day care staff are so attentive to Jason and Lily. Yesterday I went to hit the pool and 5 mins after I got in the lady came to tell me Jason had pooped his pants (they can't change diapers) and she offered to bring him into the locker room so I could change him there and not have to dry off and dress to go change him at the day care center. I was SO thankful to be able to continue my workout almost uninterrupted! I'm pretty sure that that wouldn't have happened at the other gym I was considering. We've also hit a new play group - we all loved it.

Two new things the kids have just started doing:

Lily has started tugging at her pants/diaper whenever she poops. Today she was doing this and I was in the kitchen finishing up some cooking (God, I spend a lot of my time there these days) ... I apparently wasn't quick enough ... she walked in to the family room and came back w/ the wipes to make her point more clear. ha ha Is this the first step of potty training?? First the awareness that there is something in your pants that maybe shouldn't be there... ha ha Steph.. when did you start potty training Sarah? How is that going?

Jason has started saying baby. This is quite possibly the cutest thing I have EVER heard in my life! Lucky for you I got him to say it for the camera... I'm sure it's much cuter in person.. or if it's YOUR OWN kid! ha ha

I had the strangest feeling come over me yesterday. All of a sudden I felt like it was all coming together.. like I was getting it... like this mothering thing was a part of me... like it was natural... like it was what I was supposed to be doing. I can't really explain it. All of a sudden it clicked. I'm a mom, I'm actually not that bad at it, I'm happy, I don't dread a new day going to sleep thinking, "great, I get to get up and do this all over again" (sense the sarcasm), I don't live the days from one melt down to the next hoping that I won't loose it. I'm not sure if it's them entering a new more manageable stage, me maturing into my role as mother or us growing together or what, but I like it. Not sure if I have a new found confidence or what's going on, but I'm going to go ahead and roll w/ it b/c I'm sure their will be moments (lots of them) of doubt as a parent in my future...

And in regards to my triathlon training.. I have to say I feel a bit lost as to what to do w/ myself now. I'm doing a sprint in Sept, but feel like "a sprint" ha.. I can just pull that off. ha ha As I said I did swim last night.. for the first time w/o a wet suit in MONTHS. I'm happy to report that I didn't sink to the bottom immediately and actually felt like a 'swimmer'.. a SLOW swimmer, but a swimmer. I didn't feel like all the other swimmers were looking at me like.. why is SHE in the lap swim? I even shared a lane w/ someone and wasn't even nervous that I would run into him. :)

My winter plan is to do some classes - yoga/pilates, spinning and dynamic strength along w/ swimming at the gym. I'm going to TRY to run outside as long as I can into the winter. I might poach off the TNT marathon group starting in Sept just to give me motivation to get out there and stay out there. ;) I'm also going to take advantage of the physical and 5 training sessions that come w/ membership at my gym. I'm interested to see what my VO2 max is! :)

I'll post my "race schedule" for next year to keep me accountable. I'm kicking it off w/ a half marathon in May! It will still be cold here for those of you that are unfamiliar w/ our fabulous winter.. er, spring!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Jason comedy, a visit from FEMA and bye-bye GaGa and Papa

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So Mr. Man is pretty darn funny... Ms. Lily is funny too, but this post is dedicated to Hurricane Jason!

Here are a few funny things he's done over the last couple of days.

Yesterday Papa and I took the kiddos to the pool at the condo while Gaga got the last of their stuff together. Babies have their little swimmers and suits on and off we go. I put Jason down when we got there and watched him like a hawk while I took my shoes and shorts off. I see him stop (not normal) and then he's peeing. I think.. "okay, at least he didn't do it in the pool." Then I think, "oh wait, he has a diaper on why is that happening." I go over to investigate and see that when pulling on his little swimmer I left Mr. Peepers peepin' out the top. (I guess this is a funny thing mommy did not a funny thing Jason did.) At any rate... it was funny and I'm thankful that he waited until he was outside to pee... not in the house, in the car or at Gaga's. I can't move onto the next funny story w/o telling about how Papa threw himself on the grenade and most likely swore off taking the kids swimming. We wrapping things up. Jason is doing his favorite activity at the pool... exploring the pool deck. Lily is checking the garbage can. I turn around after grabbing Lily - Papa is watching Jason - to see my dad throwing himself down on the pool deck at pool edge almost landing on Jason to prevent him from walking right into the pool. I'm just glad dad just skinned his toe and didn't have a heart attack as he watched Jason's short life flash before his eyes. We can all laugh now. :) Apparently Jason moves to fast for Papa.

Okay.. moving on.

Today (my first day w/o help this summer) bedtime came and it was time for baths. I had run the bath, closed all doors except the bathroom and the kid's bedroom so I could manage two naked babies running around. I grabbed the baby gate from the kitchen for the top of the stairs and sent the babies up. (they now crawl up on their own). They still had on their diapers and shorts. I was placing the baby gate at the top of the stairs and I look up to see Jason standing in the tub - very proud of himself - in his diaper and shorts. I went over to get him out to check/remove his poopy diaper and saw a library book floating in the tub... guess I'll be buying that one. Nice! After his bath I put him down on the hardwood and he promptly attempted to take off in a full sprint. His feet went out from under him and his head hit the floor. UGH! Bath time didn't go over well.

We (and by "we" I mean Gaga) got a new house and it lasted about 5 mins through Hurricane Jason - see picture below - FEMA has been in w/ it's packing tape and we're back to square one for now.

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Jason and Lily both like to sit in their seats for a big round of applause.
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And here's a rare picture of them sitting together.
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Gaga and Papa came over for a brief good bye this a.m. (They are safe and sound in Blytheville, TN enjoying some dinner at Perkins...MMMM yum. :( )
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It's the little (yummy) things...

So mom and dad (aka Gma and Gpa) rolled out this morning. They left their little white pick up parked out in front and every time I pass the window and see it my heart takes a little leap thinking... "oh good, Grandma is here." then I remember she's on her way back to Texas and I'm on my own... two screaming kids, disastrous mess of a house and all.

We get a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box every Saturday. LAST Saturday we got a bunch of leeks... THIS Saturday we got a bunch more. CRAP! What on earth am I going to do w/ this many leeks. I like leeks, but I don't know what to do w/ them. I found a risotto recipe to try, but it requires cooked lentils - I don't have those and I'm not about to truck the clan to the non-Trader Joe's grocery store (this involves driving the car) just for lentils... so I hopped on and found this little gem of a Potato Leek recipe.. I have everything and managed somehow to make it while the kids were still awake. I am now enjoying a nice yummy bowl and all seems well. (I, of course, adapted the recipe to use no animal products.)

That's all for now.. I must clean this place up, prep for the next meal and figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of the day. :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Swim, Bike, Run

Here are my race photos. :) Yes me in half neoprene.. and running. :) ha ha
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They actually got a pretty nice shot here w/ the city in the background. I need to work on not swinging my shoulders so much!

I signed up to do another sprint on Sept 15th. Closing up the season I guess. I don't really know what to do with myself now. Don't know what to eat, when and how hard to train. I just joined a gym because grandma and grandpa are leaving TOMORROW! EEK! I'll be taking a spinning class and doing some swimming to start. I'm interested to do my 5 "free" training sessions w/ a trainer... which includes a VO2 max test. :)

So yep. Summer has officially ended in the Mount household. Life is about to come to a screeching hault here! Or is it going to spin out of control? Hard to say! I won't be heading out for any 3 hour rides or having a nice quiet by myself hair cut any time soon. :) Thankfully Lynda will be here in early November and mom and dad will be back for Thanksgiving!

The kids have successfully dropped their morning nap. They are now taking ONE - yes ONE - nap a day. I think I've adjusted relatively well too! ha ha We'll see how my adjustment goes to having Grandma leave. They are napping around 1.5 to 2 hours in the afternoon and sleeping well at night. We had a Busy busy day today. We have been getting out of the house in the a.m w/ the hopes of wearing the kids out for a nap in the afternoon - HMMM park, not by myself... zoo, not by myself... mall, not by myself... front yard, not by myself... not sure WHAT we'll do tomorrow... I guess we'll be hitting the gym everyday so the kids can get a work out... I'll be in the Eucalyptus steam room, Hot tube or Sauna w/ a beverage if you need to find me. ha Anyway... just putting it all out of my head for now (meaning the next 15 hours or so). Back to my original train of thought.. we had a busy day today cramming stuff in before Gma and Gpa head back to Texas. I got up early and went for a bike ride w/ my team mate Joe (were going to do a 56 mile ride, but bailed and did only about 25 miles... HEY, we aren't training for anything anymore!), then Jason, Lily, Grandma and I went to get a coffee to go, picked up our CSA box then hit the park. Papa came to meet us, then we went home for lunch and naps. After naps we hit the pool at Gma and Gpas then dinner out for one last hoorah. The babies got to bed a bit late, but hopefully that means Jason and Lily will sleep well tonight.

They are growing up so fast. They did great at the restaurant. Both of them are so social saying hi to everyone - not all patrons of the restaurant appreciated their 'socialness'! :) WHATEVER! They weren't rude, just asked to be moved. ha ha I think I need a tarp and portable shop vac (the wet dry kind) for our dinner outings in the future, and it needs to be rather quiet. Anyone know of such a thing?