Monday, February 20, 2012

Sports Illustrated called...

They want their money back! A Sports Illustrated Model I AM NOT! Mostly I couldn't stop laughing long enough to get a picture... between that and my kids running in and out of the shot it was pretty histerical!

A little friendly banter started amongst the Team Rev3 crew about how much money people would donate if I promised to expose myself post a picture of myself in our new shimmery Rev3 suit ala Tim Andrus (aka Mr. Wiggles)!

This was all happening behind 'closed doors' in our google group when Jamie (aka J Balls.. yea I said it) posted it on the Team Facebook page and said... 'why keep it to the team'. Thanks J Balls!

Then Holly jumped in and said that if we got to $1000 she would do one too! Thanks Holl for jumping in with me. I don't think she really thought we would hit that though because it turns out she has ONLY THE BOTTOMS. Well, we hit $1000 so now she's got to make it work. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK her blog today!

So excited that this little endeavor earned the Ulman Cancer Fund $1000!! You can STILL donate! We'd love it! We are not quite to $12k and our GOAL is $100k... um, we have a ways to go.. and at the risk of sounding like a broken record... EVERY DOLLAR helps!

Thanks both to the Rev3 crew and our non-Rev3 donors for chipping in and making it fun.

Okay.. I'll stop dragging my feet and get to the photo already!

 Doesn't little miss look like an 85 year old granny that lives in Daytona? 
Mr. Man is hiding behind a bottle of SBR TriSlide!

So you can see that the shimmer is pretty sweet! :) And the suit fits great. I will get it in the pool... um, probably sometime in APRIL.. post Run Across America!!!

Thanks again to everyone that played along. It was fun... even though I had to wear a bathing suit, in February, have my photo taken, and post it on the internet. I'll live I suppose. It's not like the internet is forever! ha ha :)

Stay tuned or a fun filled RAFFLE coming soon.. read: next week or so. You'll be able to win some COOL prizes! I'm getting excited!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Up for the challenge?

What's the point of having a team without some smack talk and random challenges. (I may or may not have instigated this myself.)

I received this beauty in the mail today. So many team mates are reporting amazing things happening with these suits... merciless comments on it's awesomeness and speed demon powers in the pool.. so why shouldn't it earn some coin for the Ulman Cancer Fund?

Get yours HERE!!!
So as you may have heard I am training to run across the FREAKIN Country w/ these crazies and we are doing it TO RAISE FUNDS for the Ulman Cancer Fund.. yea, I'm pretty sure you heard!

So I made some snarky comment about "how much would you donate if I put this thing on and take a photo and blast it all over the place" and I believe I said "ala Mr. Wiggle"...

Meet Mr. Wiggle (see I am giving you a freebie on this one!)

Tim Andrus of Team Rev3 - he is HYSTERICAL
You can go HERE to see it all unfold on Team Facebook page.. .PLEASE, Please go there! For the love of God and all things HOLY let someone NOT on my team comment on this silliness. PLEASE! Comment, DONATE!!!!!!!.. (any $$ amount.. every penny counts)...

The more money that is donated the BETTER the pic will be.. we just upgraded from the iPhone photo to busting out the real camera. If you want me to get creative you best drop some coin. Just sayin'

Running is going well... now it's time to kick it up a knotch on the RAISING of FUNDS! Expect to see a nice little RAFFLE, er, Fundraiser up in here. Fun stuff to win. check back!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why we run! We run for JESSICA!

If this young mother that is THE SAME AGE AS ME with small children can be away from her family fighting for her life for months at a time I CAN TAKE THREE WEEKS away from mine and fight to run across the country to raise awareness and funds for the ULMAN CANCER FUND to help Jessica and all of those like her!

Jessica! I send a group family hug from my brood to yours! I will think of you often while I am out there pounding the pavement! Be well!