Monday, September 01, 2008

Potty Training day 3.

Happy Labor day folks...

things have been oh so exciting around here that I got out our winter stuff - despite the high of 90 - to see if we have stuff that fits the kids. I might be a bit stir crazy?????

Good news.. there stuff from last year fits. They had to try it on.


Does it get cuter than this?

This is my hat, but we tried his on too and it fit.

Today went pretty well. J and L are certainly not interested in being on the potty every 20 minutes. Today I just kind of rolled with it and I tried to at least get them on the potty every hour or so. Jason only had a couple of accidents (3) and Lily only had 2... well, she pooped in her pants, but I don't really count that. :)

Lily tried so hard today! She was running around w/o her undies for a while and she ran to the potty herself and peed. She tried REALLY hard to get to the potty to poop. She would get there then I think she was scared. She did this about 3 times before she pooped mid run. She was very disturbed by this. It really freaked her out. She wasn't successful at pooping in the potty. Oh well. She tried really hard. Bless her heart. She also woke up from a 2.5 hour nap dry.

Jason had a small poop accident, but that was it. He must have been holding it today. I got to see some more imagination development today. Jason and I were hangin' in the bathroom (our new favorite place to hang.. ha) and he started throwing an imaginary ball up in the air. We played w/ imaginary balls for a good 20 mins. It was so cute to see him show that level of imagination.. that is the first time he has done that.

We had another good day today.. though the kids did watch much more tv than I like them to, but hey we've been here in the house/yard for 3 days now. All things considered we are hanging in there. I don't have any outings planned until Friday... we'll probably start taking some longer walks before then. We took a short jaunt to Trader Joe's yesterday and a walk up the street today. They seem to be able to hold it for over an hour at least... before I put them on the potty. Maybe we'll have naked day tomorrow. Seems that's what might work for Lily.

It's funny to think that I originally had planned to just potty train Lily b/c she seemed more ready than Jason and I didn't want to have to be sequestered again later. Jason is doing such a good job. I'm so proud of them both!

I will say I'm EXHAUSTED. We're having really fun / good days, but I have to pay close attention to what they are doing and it's taxing to be picking them up and carrying them (often screaming and kicking on Jason's part) to the potty. Gosh that makes it sound dramatic.. it really isn't... he's just busy and doesn't want to take the time. I'm constantly negotiating w/ them.. if you sit on the potty we'll do xyz.. it's tiring. ha Welcome to parenthood huh? :) I'm actually kind of enjoying it.. just watching them grow up so much in a matter of days is great.

It was funny.. I looked at lily this evening w/ "that" look on my face and said, "What are you doing Lily?" and she said, "not pooping" made me laugh out loud.. guess I've been asking her that a lot over the last couple of days.

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  1. Good luck on the potty training...hang in there! It does get better! Soon you will be at the point where you think, "that wasn't that bad..." and you forget all the hours you spent in the bathroom!

    (Oh and Trader Joe's has a bathroom conveniently located by the "free" juice in the back...we've had to use it many times :o)

    Good luck!