Friday, September 05, 2008

Wasn't going to blog tonight...

but I am so proud of Lily I have to document it.

We had a good day today.. lots of fun w/ friends and a pretty decent potty day. Lily had a couple of accidents and Jason only had one and well, a half I guess. :)

I had to wake them up to go to my hair appt today so I put them down for bed a bit early.. I heard Lily opening and closing her bedroom door and thought, "Crap she totaly isn't going to fall for this early bed stuff." So I went up there to check on her and she held her butt and had a pained look on her face. I assumed that she had pooped in her diaper and I started heading to the bathroom to get a diaper and she ran in ahead of me and went straight for the potty.. I usually make them sit on the potty after an accident.. when I took her diaper off NOTHING! She hopped right up on that potty like a pro and went poop. She wouldn't poop all day today. (after waking up w/ poops.) I am so proud of her for 'telling' me she needed to go instead of telling me she already went - as she had been doing. I just can't believe how quickly things can turn.. (well, both ways really).

Jason was great today. His one pee accident was right after I had him on the potty and he wouldn't do anything, but in his defense all the other kids were headed outside and he really wanted to go w/ them. He peed not moments after we got out there. Oh well. And I caught him mid poop and got him on the potty to finish.. his 1/2 accident.

All in all it's going well and we are getting out of the house... w/ many visits to the potty... all fine by me. I gave away the last of our diapers today so we wouldn't be tempted to go back when the going gets tough. :)

Watch out world.. we're big kids now...

I'm sure I will stop talking about this at some point!

Tom comes home on Wed and I'm sure he will be amazed!

We (well I) are excited to watch Ironman Wisconsin this weekend... our Sunday will revolve around naps and IM! The athletes run by only blocks from out house and I'm going to try to see the bike out portion w/ the kids. :) My TNT coach Chris and his girlfriend Jackie are both doing it this year so it will be fun to try to see them on their voyage!

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