Thursday, September 04, 2008

Not so super fantastic...

but not awful.

I hit the gym for some yoga this a.m. and the kids didn't have any accidents in the day care... until I talked to L a bit too long about going to the potty so she just went. We almost got out of there in the same outfits we came in. :) J had no accidents today! YIPPEEE!!! but he didn't poop today so tomorrow could be ugly... a good learning experience for all! Lily had a few accidents. We are making forward progress! :)

Why is it that the days (okay there have only been 2 so far) that I do yoga I turn into an Ogre (ala Shrek) ... I thought I would be all zen and chill post yoga. I wonder if I get even more irritated b/c my zen is immediately snatched from me post yoga? ha

The kids were to bed late last night, up early, short naps... we were having such a good run, but it had to be broken eventually. I was up late listening to Palin and chatting w/ a friend on IM so we were all a bit cranky...

On to tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    What do you think of Palin?