Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Super Fantastic Day...

Lily wearing her baby on her back just like mommy.

We had a super fantastic day today. I still am dumbfounded by how much fun we are having. Tom's travel times are usually very hard form me, and I do miss him greatly this trip, but we are hanging in there pretty tough. Is it my lack of personal agenda??

Our friends Sam and Abbey came over today for a "potty party". Lily had just done a big poop on the potty (I know I said I wouldn't bore you w/ these details anymore, but I was just so darn proud of her!!!) when they got here and Jason proceeded to drop a big load on the floor ... twice.. which is not the example we were hoping to set for the other kids. Oh well. Sam and Abbey didn't seem to scarred.

After the potty party we had some lunch and the kids were down for their naps by 1:30pm... and here comes the piece of the puzzle that probably contributes the most eo our super fantastic day... Jason napped for 3 hours and Lily napped for 3.5 hours. I had to go wake her up at 5pm.. who knows how long she would have slept. Apparently potty training makes them sleepy!

And the best part of our day was going to a TNT send off party. It was a great party and all, but the best part was that this was our first outing as newly potty training kiddos. We went to Red Robin and they did GREAT!!!! Not one accident! :) Lily asked at one point to go to the potty, Jason flushed and was startled at how loud it was, but said, "I'm not scared anymore mommy.", and the last time we went to the potty before we left Jason even pooped in the potty. (I have to add that that boy is a pooping MACHINE! He pooped in the potty again before bed... EE GADS! Where does he keep all that stuff?) I am so proud of them I can hardly sit still. I also realized on the way home that this is the first time that I've taken them out in a situation like this all by myself. I felt pretty good.. okay not pretty good... I feel GREAT about 1. just doing it 2. being calm about it... so calm I didn't even really realize what I was doing and 3. that it was such a success. I've found w/ kids that sometimes you just have to take yourself out of your comfort zone. I have learned so much about my kids and myself through this whole process.

Tomorrow is another day and I know that it might not go as well as today, but we are making great progress... in more than just the potty training.

I am a lucky woman. Great husband, great kids and a sweet gig! :)

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  1. Yeah! I"m glad you had such a good day!