Monday, September 08, 2008

No poops in the pants today!

I was getting really frustrated w/ poops yesterday, but am happy to say that all the Mounts pooped in the potty today! :) YIPPEE!!!!! Lily wasn't happy about it, but she eventually did it. Jason pooped FIVE FREAKIN' times today! I'm not exaggerating. He woke up saying his back hurt... didn't hurt by the end of the day! :)

No more updates really... it's gotten colder here.. in the high 50s. Tom comes home the day after tomorrow and the kids start their first art class tomorrow. :)


  1. Katie9:16 PM

    That is wonderful Laura!!!! Good for you and the kids!! Yeah for pooping in the potty! What kind of art class are the kids taking? Sounds like fun! I hope tomorrow is just as successful : )

  2. karen p2:23 AM

    Of course - Tom is not accounted for and what happens in Germany stays in Germany so we can only hope that that statement is true =)

    Way to go mom! You did it!

  3. Hi it's your friend Kara! Were your twins of the strip-down-naked kind like mine? Did you have to duct tape their diapers on at night so that they wouldn't take them off and poo and pee in their cribs? Did you experience the awesomeness of crib tents? Why are twins so much more naughty than singletons? And having had a singleton who is pretty naughty, she still doesn't compare to what her sisters did! I hated potty training SO much and eventually gave up. Right before the girls turned three they saw some friends wearing panties and then, at last, they made the change. Still with all the mess, having twins is the best.

  4. Hey buddy. Unfortunately today is not going nearly as well. GRR! No crib tents.. just transferred them to beds.. no duct tape... rarely did they take the diapers off at night. Thank God!