Sunday, September 21, 2008

Been a while..

Oops. It's been a while. I figured you were tired of hearing the details of the poops happening in the Mount household.

Anyway... things are still progressing. Lily seems to have it figured out unless she has had a lot of water or is really distracted. I can't remember the last time she pooped in her pants. Jason seems to be regressing the last couple days... I'm not sure what's up. He's either really tired from so many nights of interrupted sleep and a missed nap or he's just well not quite there yet. We'll get there.

Tom's gone again .. left on Friday night. I was lucky enough to get out for a nice ride w/ some friends yesterday while Lori Fons and her daughter watched the kids. It was wonderful! Today was a good day...

After my two weeks "off" to potty train the kids and to just be off and try yoga season I'm back in the saddle. I'm doing a test 10 mile run next Sat (provided I can find a sitter) to decide whether or not to run a half marathon on Oct 25th. Turns out when I'm not exercising I'm kinda cranky and just off.... so back in the saddle and working on my plan for the winter months... AGAIN, hoping for improvement on my swim, in my core and much strength training. I'm starting a women only strength training for the triathlete program on Sunday... it's every Sunday for 9weeks. I'm excited for some sport specific exercises and to meet other women in my area in the sport!

Here's a quick shot of the kiddos.. they HAD to eat outside tonight. It was so nice today. I'm proud of myself for making two things (so far) from scratch w/ whole foods from the book Feeding the Whole Family (I"m trying out this meal planning thing). So far both the chili and the pancakes were a hit! :)



  1. karen p1:47 AM

    I LOVE THAT BOOK - is it the latest edition? If not - check that one out too.....

  2. Wow. 10 miles! I don't know where you find the time or energy!