Sunday, August 31, 2008

Potty Training day 2.


If you have kids to potty train ... I hope you like your bathroom!

Okay... so the first thing we do now is sit on the potty. This a.m. when I said, "Let's go potty" (all sing songy like it was the most exciting thing to do in the whole wide world) I was greeted w/ two kids saying, "I don't want to sit on the potty." Jason cried. Poor guy. He wakes up fairly slowly and generally just wants to snuggle... not be forced to remove his pants and sit on the potty. Neither of them peed and Lily was dry... ???

All-in-all it was another good day. I didn't even mind being sequestered here. I actually got some stuff done that I normally don't get to b/c we're out running around. The kids don't seem any worse for the wear either. I thought they (well, we) would be going bonkers. They do start to get a bit punchy/antsy mid-morning then we just go out in the yard and roll around and we're all good!

Jason had a couple of pee accidents in the a.m. - two of which were when I said "Time to go to the potty" after the timer went off. He was dry when the timer went off, but by the time I got over there to drag him into the potty (he doesn't exactly come running) he had peed his pants. Learned my lesson. Go get kid then mention that it's potty time. :) He did poop in his pants... no biggie. Caught it once and he did some in the potty - oh, and one in the bath tonight. I think both kids are bit nervous about the pooping in the potty thing... which apparently is normal. He had NO accidents this afternoon. He was even drinking quite a bit and I was trying to push the visits to the potty a bit further apart bc he was freaking about going every 20 mins and he started holding it and wouldn't go on the potty every time. I know he needed to go b/c he was drinking juice and water, but still no accidents. So he's clearly figured out how to hold it. Yeah Jason!

Lily had no accidents this a.m. (same as yesterday), but she doesn't seem to like to drink too much in the a.m.?? She id pee almost every time she got on the potty though. She had two poop accidents today, but both times she ran to the potty. I'm pretty sure she realized she needed to poop and started running and didn't make it, but who knows.. she may have pooped and run into the bathroom afterward to be changed. All she said was, "poop goes in the potty." Bless her heart she tried. She had a couple of pee accidents in the afternoon. She too was drinking a lot of water and juice. She doesn't seem to mind being wet either. I had to drag her in the house to change her pants.

I know you are have been waiting all day w/ baited breath to hear all about my kid's bathroom habits! :) So far it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but I am having a hard time getting my mind around how we will ever be able to leave the house again. The guidance I've been following has me putting the kids on the pot every 20 mins. Hmmm... how does that transition to "you go to the potty when YOU have to go not when Mommy puts you there."??? Anyone have any advice to share on that aspect of this!?/ I want to leave my house again some day!

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