Friday, December 01, 2006

sleep and snow!

It's a whole new world at the Mount household! Jason seems to have gotten the idea on this whole sleep thing... 1. when he gets tired and fussy he goes right to sleep when you put him in the crib.. almost as if that's what he wants now. He rolls over grabs the bumper to hug, pops his thumb in his mouth and he's out. It's amazing! 2. it's 9am and he's still asleep. He took a late nap yesterday (sometime around 4ish), went to bed around 7pm, woke w/ Lily at 11pm to nurse and hasn't made a peep since then!!! YIPPEE!!! We're making progress. Hopefully it won't all get blown to shit when we go to Seattle!

Lily is getting better. She is less frantic when she cries when she's been put in the crib. She still doesn't nap as long as Jason, but I have to remember that they are different babies and maybe she will never be a great napper (apparently I wasn't so this small fact about Lily probably brings mom great joy!! ha ha) She did a decent job on the sleep front last night. She went down w/ no protest at 6pm (she was EXHAUSTED from not napping so well and having some friends over), woke at 11pm to nurse then slept until around 6:30am. We lingered in bed nursing until almost 7:30am and she was back down around 8:30am.

I'm getting some longer stretches of sleep now and it's really helping. And they aren't waking up at 9pm anymore.. they were still waking and crying a bit at 9pm (coincidentally, or not, when I went to bed)

So we have both babies in a crib in their room.. they come to my bed for feedings and have both woken together the last two nights so they get nursed and go right back to their crib! Tom is elated to be baby free in the bed! We have the crib, mattress and sheets etc for Lily's crib now and hope to get it all set up today so they can have their own space in there!

We've got a space heater and humidifier in there too.. they are all snuggly warm and love it! We are all sleeping better!

So happy Dec. 1st... it's snowing here! Hopefully mom and dad's trip from Ohare won't be too bad and hopefully mom's flight into O'hare won't be delayed, or GOD FORBID, cancelled! Tom heads to Taiwan tomorrow. ("hopefully" the weather won't keep him from going.. ha ha)

gotta get some laundry done before J wakes up any minute now!


  1. Jennie3:24 PM

    Yeah! That's such good news! You must feel so relieved!

  2. It makes such a huge difference whe you start getting some sleep!
    I hope your parents made it there ok!

  3. Ahhh . . . sleep is good. It's a whole new world, huh? How fun to have your room AND bed back. :)