Sunday, December 17, 2006

Get Clean...

For those of you that keep up w/ Karen's blog and have seen her posts regarding out garbage situation... ours the nation, not ours mine and tom's... I thought you might want to check out the Shaklee cleaning products... I say this b/c they are concentrated and 108 lbs of packaging waste stays out of landfills and 248 lbs of greenhouse gas are eliminated when you buy the Get Clean Starter Kit versus conventional ready-to-use cleaners.

I'm not a big cleaner and was hesitant to make the commitment to buying these products... I was into going to the store and just buying the seventh generation stuff, but my mom convinced me and I'm so pleased w/ them so far! :) I bought them in mid October and have only used mere drops of the stuff to do all of my cleaning since then... of which I do much more now that I have two munchins to worry about! :)

Anyway... here's a link to their Get Clean Starter kit if you want to check it out, read for yourself and start doing your small part to save our environment! Click HERE! (You just order online... this is my mom's site. Let me know if you have Q's about any of it and I'll get her in touch w/ you!)


  1. I will definitely check it out. I have been using a lot of homemade cleaners, using Borax and Baking Soda and Vinegar and the like. (non toxic stuff) Sometimes it's nice to already have something ready to go though. Are you still liking your Shaklee face procucts?

  2. Yes, still loving the Shaklee face stuff.. and still feel like it's doing well for my face! :) I read (briefly)something on one of those wastefree sites you posted about not using Baking Soda, but I didn't look to see why... I use it a lot in my laundry.. I'll have to see why she said not to use it.