Sunday, December 10, 2006

12/9/06 Jingle Bell run!

damn.. I forgot to get a picture of Kelly and I before our big run! We had such a great time! Kelly was (as she should be) so proud of herself for finishing.. and setting a PR! GO Kelly! I'm so proud of you for training for and sticking to it and getting through the 5k.. w/ not one complaint I might add... she kicked ass!

We were running a bit tight on the start time as we headed down.. for those that may think that was Kelly's fault... it wasn't.. it was me!! ha Nursed babies... tucked my shirt in and we headed out the door. The good news is that we walked right up to the back of the pack as everyone was moving and didn't have to spend even one SECOND standing there waiting in the 29 degree weather.

All told I enjoyed the race... cold weather included. It was so nice to run w/ someone again! To run again.. to be in a race... all of it. It was great! Kelly thank you so much for making the trek up from Evanston to run w/ me. I look forward to our next one!

wow.. I can't believe that there are only a few weeks left in the year 2006! J and L will be a WHOLE 1/2 A YEAR old on Thursday... we've lived in Madison for over a year now! Will time keep cruising by this fast... the first three months of J and L's life went REALLY slow, but the last 3 have really gone fast.

I'm finding myself bored already and it's only December... it's going to be a LOOOONNNNNGGGG winter! UGH! Hopefully I'll have good turn out for my Thursday play group... it's just that much harder to get babies out of the house when it's this cold out.

Mom and dad bought a condo!!!! YEAH! It's about 10 mins away, close to the mall and it has a pool! YIPPEE! They are now all set w/ a place to stay when they come out for the summer.. they just need to furnish it now! I'm so excited! They are now committed to spending time here and there will be a place for all the other folks that visit us throughout the year to stay... b/c I'm sure the amount of visitors we had this past year wasn't just a one time shot b/c the babies were born.. ha ha ha Okay... maybe it was! I'm jazzed to use the pool this summer w/ the kiddos.. MOM, you best be ready to bust out a bathing suit b/c I won't be able to take them both in at the same time! :) hee hee

Tom and I are already starting to talk about when our next trip out to the NW will be ... for 2007 we'll need to make a trip other than Xmas.. we are pretty sure we will be staying put for Xmas next year (think two 1.5 year olds.. )... anyone that wants to join us for a white xmas is invited and welcome!!!

Sorry this is so disjointed... I was up a lot w/ babies last night.. am really tired right now..and though they are both sleeping and I should/could take a nap I'm afraid to lay down b/c as soon as I do ... and as soon as I start to drift off to sleep I KNOW they will wake up.. happens 9 times out of 10.. so I wait.. maybe I'll be hitting the sack at 7pm tonight! ha

I miss everyone!!!! Can't wait to see our Seattle peeps soon!


  1. Andy Mount4:06 PM

    Good job on the race. I am glad you had a good time. Also, that's great that your parents got a condo. Karen really likes Christmas, so I don't think we would come out next year, but I think that would be cool.

  2. So glad to see a comment from my BIL!! :) And Kudos to you on the century ride followed up by a marathon.. very impressive!! :)

    Oh come on.. what says Xmas more than some snow... not that I could guarantee either, but there's a good chance there would at least be snow on the ground if not new flakes in the air on or around xmas. :)

  3. Jennie7:49 PM

    So glad you got to run! I'm envious. I remember when we ran the Jingle Bell together one year. It rained here for our Jingle Bell run. Glad I missed it this year. Don't think we'll be out next year for Christmas as it will be Jameson's first! Ha! What a trip... Can't wait to see you!

  4. Wow... Jameson's first xmas... it's going to go so fast!!!!!!

  5. That is so awsome that your parents bought a condo! Also, congrats on your first run post babies!

  6. Congrats on the run! I'm sure it was fun to be back out there. I can't wait!

    That's exciting about your parents. They'll have so much fun visiting those babies all the time.