Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lazy mom's guide to feeding your baby....

so I boiled the crap out of some sweet potatoes the other day and instead of using a food processor or baby mill I just mashed them up w/ a spoon and added them to some oatmeal cereal and breast milk.. There were some small chucks, but J and L didn't seem to mind. And they GOBBLED that stuff up! I tasted a bit... whatever they say about "feed your kids veggies first or they'll never eat them if you try after you start fruit b/c it's so sweet!" Whoever said that obviously never tasted breastmilk... that stuff is SWEET!! Dessert Sweet!

Anyway.. didn't get any pics... it was nothing out of the ordinary. Mom tried letting them eat chunks of it last night, but it was so cooked and stringy that it wasn't really working! When we return from Seattle we'll try some other things like cooked broccoli "trees". Then we're on to meats I guess.

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