Tuesday, December 19, 2006

He's all better!

Thank goodness.. Tom is out of bed and feeling better today. He's at work so that's a good sign that he's all fixed! :)

Please please please say a prayer that these babies sleep on Friday night!!!! They were back to their old tricks and up every two hours last night.. man how that pisses me off when I've actually been getting a bit of sleep! ha I stumbled downstairs somewhere around the 3am hour last night to get some water after a feeding and thought... oh geez, I'll only have another hour before I actually have to get up to get this bus moving toward the airport on Saturday. I felt like SH&*. I think I'm going to need copious amounts of caffeine to get me through that day! I was wishing they had something I could take to give me amazing amounts of patience, but I think the eye of the discerning public will probably be enough for me to at least keep it together externally! ha ha

My next concern is the whole breastfeeding on the plane thing! I do not want to deal w/ anyone giving me hassle about it.. we all know I'm sleep deprived and I just don't want to have to cope w/ attitude from anyone.. or w/ trying to put a blanket over a baby's head. I KNOW that would not go over well. HA! But geez... cramped quarters.. if I sit in the middle my one boob is practically in the lap of my neighbor - think baby popping off A LOT to look around - and if I sit in the aisle my other boob is all out willy nilly for the world to see. It's not that I care. And if I sit at the window and Tom in the middle... well two babies are going to want to get up and walk around during a 4 hour flight... EXCUSE me a million times may be more annoying than a boob in the face! ha ha

It will be an experience not w/o trials I'm sure... I'll try to stay light hearted about it and remember that all the foibles are creating future laughs... maybe as soon as when I wake up from my NAP when I get to Lynda's!

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  1. I never had anyone say anything to me about BFing on the plane. I found everyone to be REALLY helpful and understanding, especially when I was by myself with Cooper. I even sat next to some people I thought sure would asked to be moved once they saw what I was doing. But bottom line . . . when the baby is eating, he/she is quiet . . . and that's all that matters. :) Good luck! We'll be thinking of you on Friday.