Monday, November 27, 2006

It takes a village!

We had such a wonderful time at Todd and Julie's this past weekend! I think I could have stayed forever. It was great to hang out and raise kids ... ha ha

Leads me to the thinking that raising kids in the "village" environment really is best for all involved. I felt the same when Karen and Andy and their clan was here. It was much more fun for me to have everyone around... different adults approaching kids in different ways... gives the kids different perspectives and learning experiences and mixes it up a bit for the parents! I wish we all lived close and could get together all the time... I mean even when we live in the same area we do our own things and the "village" isn't as tight as I wish it could be... I'm talking all the way back to the days when families all lived in the same little area... the kids all ran around together and the parents all watched out for all of them.. not living across town from one another and not living in different states for sure!

Anyway.. not the way our lives are, but just thought I would share my ponderings. I love the chaos of having everyone around! :) Sharing responsibilities and what not.

Here is a link to Todd's pics: (which are quite a bit better than mine!)

I miss them already!!! :( It's so quiet around here today w/o Cooper running around and chatting up a storm!!! Tom! Phoebe! Baby! Ball! Outside! Some of his favorites from this weekend! :) Never once said my name w/o prompting, but loved to say Tom! ha ha And then the new learned word from my new favorite children's book Skippy John Jones: AAAACHOOOO PICHU! :)

Love ya kiddo.. can't wait to meet your baby sister!


  1. Jennie11:35 AM

    So glad you had a good time! I agree with the village idea. Skippy John Jones is the best book! I bought it for all my neices and newphews this year!

  2. I think it is called a commune?? ;-) I agree though - it would really take some pressure off of being the only ones doing the raising. You should move to Portland!!!
    We too, love SkippyJon Jones! Definitely a favorite!

  3. I will second everything said by Laura. It was a tough adjustment after the Mount Clan left. Poor Cooper kept running to the front window and asking for "Pheobe." And then today (Wed.) on the way to school this morning he was asking for Tom. It was such a fun weekend!

    Well . . . I'd even settle for us all to be back in Seattle again. :)

    Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!