Saturday, December 16, 2006

Big Night Out!

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So mom stayed a bit longer on this last visit so that she could watch the kids while Tom and I ventured out on our first night out w/o kids. We went to the Pacific Holiday party then headed over to a more "adult" (ready don't bring you freakin' kids in here) coffee / wine shop to have some one on one time.

It was great to get out ... though I found that all we did was talk about the kids.. I guess this is our new life. I think we talked/were asked about some non-kid stuff, but not much. We were trying to think of what the hell we filled the air w/ before bringing two little lives into the world. Surely it was quite profound, but our sleep deprivation prevents us from remembering anything smart/interesting we ever said.


  1. Welcome to the club! :-) I am glad you guys got to go out, even if all you did was talk about the babes.

  2. Jennie9:32 AM

    You two look so cute in your picture! Glad you had fun!!