Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New running outfit... a site to behold!

I can't remember who was there.. surely Jennie, but I'm not sure who else... Julie? Karen? Colleen?? I was running late for one of our weekly Glake runs (as usual). I was so late that I decided to just go straight there from wherever I had been. I got there in my jeans and whatever w/ clogs and everyone was ready to go. I was so in need of a run, but only had running shoes in the car... no clothes. I decided to just wear my jeans and get my shoes. I ran around the lake in jeans... felt like a dork, but was so happy to get the run in.

Well today Tom was supposed to come home for lunch, but had a meeting and was unable to. He's got the car... w/ the walking stroller. The babies were cranky... as was I and it's nice out so I decided to just take the jogger and get us all out of the house. I got Phoebe all sacked up w/ her back pack and put on my old running shoes w/ jeans, a sweater and a fleece baby sling in case someone blew up and off we went. As I took off walking (far enough from the house to not turn around) I thought, 'hmm I wonder what it's like to run w/ this thing." So I ran a block and it was so easy to push... so I took off in my jeans, sweater, baby sling and all. We ran... just like that.

I'm not sure if this makes me super mom taking advantage of whatever opportunity I have no matter how silly it looks, or if it makes me the uncoolest of all uncool runner. I'm the one that laughs (sorry) at weirdos out there running in jeans.. seriously people sweatpants might chaffe a bit less.... but then there I am.. even wearing my sun glasses (not intended for running) and my colored chapstick (trying to look like I give a crap about what I look like when I leave the house).

All told I felt pretty accomplished for 1. being so flexible and 2. actually running w/ the jogger AND the dog. We didn't go far at all.. only about 20 mins worth..w / a HUGE (Seattle huge, not Wisconsin huge) hill that I had to walk up.

Thought you guys might get a kick out of that... just wish I would have gotten a photo!

Your pal super mom, the ULTIMATE uncool runner


  1. I love it. You should have gotten a picture!

  2. I would have laughed my ass off if I had seen you!!! ;-) I really wish you had a picture. hee hee!

    Seriously, good job making the most of your situation. Remember we used to call the people who ran the inside of greenlake "donut doers"? If we of then could see we of now...

  3. Jennie11:03 PM

    Ha! I remember that day! I think we called people who run in their jeans and run the inside circle at Greenlake "Doughnut Doers". Too funny!

  4. I do love me some donuts! ha