Thursday, December 14, 2006

New stats!

Our appt went well... J and L were so tired when we left.. they napped from 10:30 - 11:30AM and our appt was at 1:30pm. They were both fussy starting around 1pm, but out the door we had to go. The appts seem to take so long.. about 2 hours b/c there are two babies. They hung in there like CHAMPS! Toward the end ... while we were waiting for their vaccinations they started to get fussy. I nursed J and he seemed fine then was nursing L when the lady came in. By the time J was done L had fallen asleep. Poor little girl was woken up taken from the breast to be given her shots.... they fell asleep in the car on the way home and J napped when we got home.

On a sad note for mr. man.. we told the doc how cute it was that J would go to bed by rolling on his side grabbing his bumper and sucking his thumb. She told us the bumper had to go because he pulls it down on his face. Poor baby now has NOTHING in his crib to soothe himself other than his thumb... so after a LONG day and getting shots he was put down for a nap w/o his beloved bumper. He didn't go down easy for the nap or at bed time. I feel so sad for him... we finally had this sleeping thing going relatively well and then BLAM! we had to change it up. Better safe than sorry... God forbid something happen after I was 'warned'! He still gets his "lovey"... which he's never used as such, but maybe now that he gets no bumper he'll snuggle up to the lovey..... ????

26 inches (30th%)
16lbs (24th%)

I thought he would weigh in closer to 20lbs just by his size and weight holding him. He went from teh 50th % in weight down to the 24th... doc said it's nothing to worry about. I do think they just had a growth spurt so I suspect he's switch back to packing on the lbs! He went from (I think) 23.5-ish inches to 26... not bad for 2 months.

24 3/4 inches (18th %)
13lbs 6oz (8th %)

Lily's percentiles are pretty close to her last ones so all's well there.

Other than that eveything checked out just fine. We got he schpeel about baby proofing and I guess what we are doing regarding eating/nursing is spot on... go us! ha They suggested that we start giving them meet by 7 months of age... and to give them some variety in flavoring/spices... meaning if we like spicy food to not be afraid to share our love w/ them... like if we have curry chicken to mash some up and share.. they might like it! Their diets don't have to be bland. I didn't get into the whole babylead weaning thing that I plan to do... don't know why. I figure they are getting the food... what does she care.. and part of me didn't want the idea poo pood .. geez, J already lost his bumper! ha

We also opted not to do the flu vaccine and she didn't go balistic on us or anything. She just said okay. :) YEAH!


  1. I have never heard of baby lead weaning! Sounds easy - you just give your baby what you are eating? I like the idea that they feed themselves. No offense babies, but feeing the wee ones gets really old.

  2. yeah.. basically. I guess not necessarily what you are eating, but you don't have to cook the crap out of everything then puree it all for the kid to wear most of it and throw the rest on the floor! Or hate the way it tastes! ha