Monday, November 20, 2006

New name, fresh look

Okay... I was sick of "authentic living" and liked Karen's pdxmounts so I followed her lead and gave us a regionally appropriate update... along w/ a fresh new look! :) The address is still the same.. I'm glad I was able to change the name w/o changing the address!! Hope you enjoy!

So the sleep thing... ugh! We're still in the "hard" part. The days are going okay, but the nights.. damn. I'm so disoriented (ah sleep deprivation) at night when I am woken that I can't remember times.. we put J back in his crib last night to cry when he woke up only a couple hours after nursing.. (he wants to suckle to fall back to sleep) and he finally calmed down, but then I don't know/can't remember how long it's been since he ate and whether or not he starts crying b/c he wakes up hungry or just b/c he wakes up... so confusing. Poor baby, I feel like he spent a good part of the night crying.. I guess we're going to have to work through this to get him used to the idea of not waking up w/ a boob in his face... probably harder on mommy than it is on J.


  1. I love the new look and the new name! I still can't figure out how to put a little picture in the "about me" section

  2. Looks great! I like how the links are now next to your stories.