Thursday, November 16, 2006

There were no babies in my butt!

Okay.. so I've noticed of late that my butt is um... flatter then before. Mom says it just "fell" .. what the hell .. I'm only 30!!!! Okay almost 31... why would my butt change post pregnancy??? There were no babies in there... boobs being saggy, I get that... belly jiggling a bit, i get that... BUT my butt being flatter/lower.. I DO NOT get that. Now I thought that I would enjoy having a flatter butt as it popped out and FELT huge pre-preg... hmm.. not lovin' it! Oh well. Guess I'll have to start doing lots of lunges along w/ the many crunches my abs are in desparate need of!

This walking the dog every day seems to be helping on the weight loss front ... again. I'm down a few more lbs.. of course who knows if a few lbs are just water loss over the EXTREMELY dry night... damn furnace!

Slowly but surely the body comes back... certainly not it's former self, but getting better anyway. It will never be the SAME, but that's okay.. I like change. hee hee And not being the same doesn't mean it's worse... it's just different.. shaped different overall... see butt comments above.. my hips are different as well... not bad.. just different. (don't want to freak the current preggos out!... and you know I will be honest about what's going on.. I mean I really don't love the look of my belly right now.. but hey!! THERE WERE TWO BABIES IN THERE 5 SHORT MONTHS AGO!)


  1. Jennie9:09 AM

    So does that mean your pants fit better or worse around the waist now?

  2. Hmm.. intersting question. I only have one pair that I wear that aren't sweat pants/jammies. (SAD I know, but don't want to invest too much in a "big" wardrobe)... the one pair I have fit like a glove initially .. then after I sit a couple times my butt crack is hangoing out b/c they stretch out too big. I'll have to get back to you on that once I'm back in (If I ever am.. body changes) my pre preg pants. :) Now that I think of it.. I lied I have one pair I wear.. and yes they seem to fit better.. hmmm maybe this is a blessing, eh!?

  3. omg, you are hilarious. I think it is one of those things that no one talks about! ;-) I almost totally lost mine after two kids and Andy desperately wants it back.

  4. ugh . . . flat butt. I noticed the same thing lately and have started doing daily squats. Okay . . . don't laugh but I do them in the shower (am I really admitting this?), because it seems to be the only time I remember.

    And on a happier note, my friend Steph (excellent runner) has noticed that she is being beat by women who HAVE HAD KIDS. I swear these changes are for the better if you can take the time to get back into shape. I did notice that during the BRIEF time I started running again, I almost felt better. It was like if I could re-build my deflated body with muscle, it would be more toned than before. Ha! We'll see about that in 6 months or so, won't we. :)

  5. I'm totally going to race Steph the next time I see here and kick her ass! ha ha Okay maybe not! I feel pretty good running too.. granted it's only 20 mins ha ha Julie, I stretch in the shower b/c it's the only time I remember... don't you slip while you are doing that! :) When I remember I do squats holding Jason.. can't do that many.. damn that kid is getting heavy!

  6. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I remember my OBGYN saying to get rid of all my pre-pregnancy jeans -- because my body would just change and do strange things. She said even if I was the same "size" old clothes would fit differently.
    Odd huh?