Monday, November 06, 2006

A running buddy!!!

Looks like I found myself a running buddy! YIPPEE!!!! We may run tonight, but we are definitely running on Wed. She ran a marathon about 6 years ago and is now trying to get back into running more often. She has two boys.. one 4 and one 2.5 (I think that's right) She's commited to running the Crazy Legs 5k in May (I think it's in may) and I told her about the Mad City half.. she said she might be able to be talked into it! I'm so excited! We're going to try this evening running thing to see if it works for our scheduled... at least the weather is going to cooperate this week! It's going to be in the high 60s.. woo hoo!

I'm still on the hook for the Jingle Bell run on Dec. 9th... even though I haven't been running at all. I promised Kelly that I would do it even if I have to suffer through! ha

Seeing all the coverage of the NYC marathon has got me jonesin' for a long run!! Jennie, what year was it that we were there when you ran?? I can't remember.. 2002? I'd love to do that race sometime too... what are the odds that we would both get in for the same year? Guess you aren't thinking too much about running your next marathon huh? :)

Okay... gotta run.. mom's still here.. J is napping and mom is working on getting L to nap. Just finished some sushi from Trader Joes.. God I love my neighborhood!

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  1. Jennie10:24 AM

    We were there in 2002. I definately want to run that one again. It doesn't hurt to apply. You just loose your $70 if you don't get in. That's the only bad part.

    I'm glad you found a running buddy! I wish I had one! More like a walking buddy these days....