Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A bit better

It went a bit better last night.. it didn't take so long for them to fall asleep. L slept in the co sleeper until midnight.. then went back in until 4am. J came into the bed around midnight as well and woke up at 2am for whatever reason.. he went into his crib at that point.. cried for about 20 mins then fell asleep until 5am. We were baby free for much of the night last night. I still enjoy waking up in the a.m. to 2 sweet dreaming faces... well I guess it's usually one crying one and one dreaming one. :) But all is well after the crying one is fed. This a.m. L slept in till 7:45 am - she had been waking at 6:30am. I went to wake J after changing L's diaper and he wouldn't budge.. I didn't try REAL hard.

L was back down for a nap an hour after waking and J just went down 45mins after waking... so we are making some progress I think. And so far they don't seem to hate me for letting them cry! ha ha Now that they are older and I know they don't feel abandoned and I know they aren't hungry I feel much more confident in the sleep "training" (hate that word).. how about sleep TEACHING. I know they are just fussy b/c they want to spend time w/ me and not sleep.

The one thing I'm unsure of is the swaddling thing. They are still swaddled and when I've tried to put them down unswaddled they flail about and can't seem to settle down enough to sleep - I think it's the developmental stage they are in... they are learning to grab things and put them in their mouths and they just can't stop doing it to go to sleep. The problem is that if the pacifier falls out of their mouth they can't get their hands in their mouth (though L is so pissed she won't even try) and they can't grab at anything for comfort... same ordeal when they wake up. I'll keep trying the unswaddle off and on until it works I guess, or I suppose they will let me know when they are done w/ it by not being able to calm down when they are swaddled.

I'm just LOVING this stage. I love to watch them play w/ their pacifiers, or whatever, trying to grab them then trying to get them in their mouth. It's so cute. After a while J will get so frustrated! He also gets frustrated w/the keys/beads on the exersaucer. I think he's trying to pull them off to put them in his mouth, but they only slide back and forth.

L is trying SO hard to scoot on the floor... they'll be moving in no time. I've slowly started to child proof the place!

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