Thursday, November 02, 2006

All snot all the time!

L, J and I have been fighting a cold since Monday. I think I got the brunt of it and I think it's finally starting to clear up. Poor L and J are congested... I'm not sure if that's why they are being so difficult or if they are just tired. They didn't sleep as well as they usually do (naps) while the girls were here.. had some people to see and hang out w/ and they are not ones to miss out on a good time!

Then there was the cold.. then Tom left. This morning they were finally back on a nice morning nap schedule and seemed to sleep well. L even nursed really well today - we've been struggling w/ that a bit lately. J took a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon (a rarity) so I thought things were going well. L didn't nap this afternoon, but that's not unusual for her. We went to Sam's after nursing / changing when J woke up from his long nap. I figured L would nap while I wore her around the store. They were great on the way there.. J cried a bit, but not too bad. In the store they were fantastic.. looking around and getting lots of compliments on their cuteness and questions "are they twins?" L fell asleep after the sample of apple pie (5 mins before we checked out so about 15 min before we had to get in the car)... she went quietly on her own. I had to wake her up - or drive home w/ her in the sling and risk getting arrested!!! She SCREAMED bloody murder the ENTIRE way home. J chimed in here and there just for kicks! We got home and nursed and thought they would take another little nap. Well, we were WRONG! We got home around 5:30pm and spent the next 3 hours w/ them back and forth asleep then up crying. They are doing this really neat thing now where they want their mommy! They won't calm down for Gma...they just look at me and scream as I am working w/ the other baby.. so we go back and forth. Gma tries to calm one.. I get the one I have calm/sleeping then take the other while hoping and praying that the first stays down. Poor Gma has spent much of her trip w/ a baby screaming in her face/ear! :) We appreciate you gma!

It's so amazing how we go out and about and the babies are happy and looking around (for the most part) everyone comments on how adorable they are.. I'm all proud of myself and them.. we get home and BAM! They are devil children! ha I guess they are entertained / distracted by everything when they are out and about that they forget they are so tired they can hardly stand themselves.

So right now J is asleep in my bed after having caved and given him the boob.. and L is asleep in the co-sleeper w/ a cloth diaper on.. I put her in cloth at 6pm thinking she might snooze for 30mins or so then nurse then change dipe.. then bed, but no.. three hours later... she's finally asleep and I'll be damned if I'm waking her to change her diaper. Two things mom has to remember w/ her foggy head cold in the middle of the night.. change baby girl's diaper and give baby boy his medicine!We'll see what happens!

All I really want to do right now is go finish off an entire pumpkin pie (stress), but I won't.. I had a piece (okay and an extra not so little sliver) and will save the rest for the stress case I'm sure I'll have at some point tomorrow! Did I mention that I haven't run in weeks and it was 20 degrees here (w/ the wind chill.. w/o it was a balmy 27)..... how many years till the kids might go ONE WHOLE day w/o crying???

Calgon take my children away.. I mean take me away! ha So if I continue nursing after the 1 year mark do I get to go on vacation sans kids then, or do I have to wait until they are completely weaned?? Do I let that be a factor in what I decide around that issue??? ha ha I'm SO tired right now.. maybe I should have just gone to be w/ J at 7:30pm.. stop laughing.. I do that!

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