Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Car Seats...

Thank you all who chimed into my 'which car seats' emails! I went and looked at them and have done some research.. I was dragging my feet on it until I saw this:

We got our car seats for free from my SIL (thanks K and A) ... they don't have the latch belts so we use the seat belts and now I'm all freaked out ... so I ordered to convertable car seats.. which I will replace when the kids reach 40 lbs.. then I will buy a booster seat that still uses the latch system.. neither Cosco or Britax offered this. Britax got to 65lbs w/ the Latch system, but I would still have to replace them w/ another booster so I went w/ the Eddie Bauer Alpha Omega Elite and got TWO for the price of one Britax from this website: (Thank you Allyson for the link) Free shipping and no tax!! YIPPEE!!!

Please please please secure your children w/ the latch system. Learn from this woman's loss.. do not let her son's death be in vain..

love and hugs to all you!

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  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Is there a booster seat that uses the latch? I haven't found one - most seats if you are not using the 5pt harness rely on the seatbelt to hold the child in, and you can't use both. Also, my research said not to use the LATCH when the child is past 48lbs. You can still use a harness (if carseat is rated past 40lbs) but secure with the seatbelt.