Monday, October 30, 2006

Look who's talking too!

J has been babbling for a while, and L started to really babble a lot yesterday and hasn't stopped since. :)

Tom's heading off to work right now and I've got L and J will be up soon so I'm just going to post a few cute pics for now..

Here's a new thing J is doing.. making funny faces and raspberries:
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We were trying to get a shot of L sitting up.. and she got tired of it..
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Here is a shot of only the girls on the couch.
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Kelly, Jen, Kendall, Laura and Lily (and Phoebe too!/)

Thank you guys for coming!!! It was so great to see you and for you to meet the `kiddos.


  1. Babble on Little Ones! Cooper will be so excited to talk to you very soon!

  2. Jennie10:25 AM

    Cute! I remember Cooper's funny face he used to make that would crack me up! Remember how he used to pull his lips in to look like an old man?! Too funny. I can't wait to see you!