Sunday, October 31, 2010

Swim video.. you be the judge.

Okay FIRST ignore the sweet swimmers mullet I'm rockin'. Geez. Why didn't anyone tell me my hair was hanging out? That's like not telling someone they've got a snot snake hanging out of their nose! I'll address that with my swim peeps.

Here's some quick video of my stroke.
(Edited to say: Oops. Loaded the wrong video. I'll leave it here in case you guys want to see what a goof ball my kid is and learn about Darth.. Vador)

The first things I notice are:
1. What the hell am I looking at? My feet? My head is BURIED in the water.
2. (as coach mentions) my feet. You would think I would have noticed that since I'm clearly watching them.
3. Do I catch early enough. Geez. I told you I had no glide.

I'm glad I took this video. For starters I think my stroke looks a lot better than I thought it did and now I can see for myself the things I am reminded about over and over again and I can take follow up video later to see my progress.

This was my first week swimming three times a week and, dare say, I liked it. It had felt like the Thursday to Tuesday break was too long to go without swimming. There were only 4 of us today and I was able to complete almost the entire workout with the 'sharks'.. no slow lane today. I was only 100 short. Woo hoo!

So here I open up the comments. Give me some feedback folks! What do I need to work on? :)


  1. what's up with the audio on the second video? It sounds like they are keeping a whale in the pool as well.

    The only thing I noticed (which is also my main problem) is that you could probably activate your core more and keep your body a little more streamlined. It might help keep your legs together while you kick though overall you are not kicking from the knees which obviously is great.

    Does Barbi from Trying a Tri follow you? She's the expert.

  2. I am not an expert by any means, and great idea to put your stroke up on your blog!

    All that said, here is my 2 cents... The big thing that stands out to me is that I do not think you are getting as much distance per stroke as you could. I think you could actually get further easier if you slowed down your stroke. Try the catch-up drill maybe, that might help you wait just a bit more on each stroke.

    Let us know how it goes and improves!

  3. That's what I was going to say, feet together, and I had problems remembering this too. Try to remember to just brush your toes together in the beginning. I know, so much to remember with hips and thumb brushing legs and now toes :o)
    Great job! Keep it up!
    And yes, I'll add the disclaimer that I'm NOT an expert at all! I just use what others have told me.
    And yay for liking swim! I don't know what happened but over the last couple years, I started to actually enjoy much as I enjoy running! Miss you, Laura, and wish I could be your training buddy :o)

  4. I'm totally not going to explain this right, but your arms. Look a little wider, and that may be why you don't feel you are catching enough. Instead of going wider and reaching far forward, bend your arms at your elbows a little and keep it more in front of you? Now I'm totally confusing you :o)

    I wish I had someone take a video of me! That's a great idea!