Saturday, October 02, 2010

Don't you think I would look good in GREEN!?

I've been following some amazing Team Trakkers athletes all year.

- GoSonja
- inTraining
- Trimommy

I have so enjoyed watching their progress through the race season and seeing how they work as a team. They support each other and damn do THEY LOOK GOOD in GREEN! I've had conversations over email with all three of these women. They are out there getting it done and still have time and inclination to talk to ME.. Me a woman they have never ever met, but a woman that shares a passion for endurance sports. Gives me a nice warm fuzzy!

Last year when I had just met these women I considered applying to Team Trakkers, but I chickened out. I didn't feel ready. I wanted to get my legs under me again. I needed to do some races and regain my confidence!

Well, I'm back baby. My confidence is back. I'm ready to take it to the next level and I would be ecstatic to be able to do it with a TEAM. THIS team. To race not just for myself, but to represent a great group of people. To be able to encourage and be encouraged.

And BONUS! They support GREAT products and a very cool race series. Saucony, First Endurance, TriSwim, TriGlide, Foggle, and the REV3 Race Series.

So keep your fingers crossed that I get to represent this team with all those great women.

And if you want to be sure to find out if I make it click on that FOLLLOW button up there on the top right to stay tuned.

A little insider info... when that 'followers' number gets to 100 .. yes ONE HUNDRED.. I'll be doing a BIG giveaway. So get to it!


  1. Hi there!
    Well, i'm on board the Follower Express here.

    and you DEF seem the purrrfect ps for the Team Trakkes! You'll be a great rep for them;)

    happy sunday!

  2. Thanks AM!!! Fingers crossed!!!