Sunday, October 03, 2010

Race alone or run with a friend... the verdict

So this weekend was the weekend I was thinking about running a local half marathon and I posted about not 'feelin' it' and deciding to run with my friend instead.

Well, my friend wanted to get an 8 mile run in to test out an injured ankle. I was all tapered for the race I was going to do so I decided to run part of the run by myself and the rest alone.

BEST DECISION EVER. Little did I realize that I NEEDED some girl time. It was so nice to be able to run with my friend and chat all along the way about various things. Certainly wouldn't have gotten that racing ALONE!

I got behind in the a.m. and wasn't able to make my usual oatmeal so I slammed a half a pb&j on the way out the door to start my mad dash (almost entirely uphill) to get to my friend's house on time. I had no idea how this sandwich was going to sit in my stomach OR fuel me on my run. It was PERFECTO! My stomach didn't revolt and it carried me threw the run. I had some shot blox, but that's it.

3.5 mile speed workout up the hills to my friend's house then a nice mellow 8 miles up and down the hills here in the CT Alps then a nice 3.5 miles home. Was a fantastic long run. I wasn't really aiming for a certain distance... more than 10 was all I had in my mind. I felt great and am not totally zapped today. BUENO!

No medal for this run, but sure do have some warm fuzzy to carry around. And BONUS my husband took the kids to the aquarium w/ his parents so I am ALL ALONE in the silence right now. PERFECT DAY!!

What would your perfect day look like?

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