Sunday, October 10, 2010

New training partners.

Today's long run was interesting. I ran with a woman I had never previously met. I met her husband at Masters swim. We spend most of our time with our heads in the water and/or talking about swimming, but on my way out of the parking lot I stopped and chatted with him. He was telling me about his wife's training for the New York Marathon. She had her big 20 miler this weekend and was trying to figure out where to run it that wasn't too freakishly hilly. I told him 1. I'm not sure that kind of (flat) terrain exists around here and 2. to give her my email address and tell her that I'll run with her. Not the full 20, but whatever I can manage depending on the pace.

As I thought about it more I thought that running your LONG run with a complete stranger might not be all that appealing so I wasn't sure I would hear from her, but I did and we coordinated to run loops around Lake Waramaug. I had never been there so I thought it would be a nice change and doing loops would allow me to hang with her longer.

She told me she wanted to run a 9min pace. A-okay. And off we went. As we were warming up (at 8:45 min/mile) I asked her what her plan was.. she said she needed to do 4 x 3miles at 9min pace after a warm up. Uh, we're going faster than your 'pace' times in warm up. Perhaps we should slow down. We played this game the entire 15 miles I ran with her.

It was great running a new place and with someone. I would have otherwise run by myself. It was also an interesting perspective. This is her first marathon, this was her first 20 miler. In the past (prior to her marathon training) she had laced up randomly and would just go run 16 miles for the heck of it. She would just run whenever and however far she wanted. I found this to be interesting. Prior to my training there is NO way I would have knocked out 16 miles. (it actually ended up being 17 because she got home at 16.5 and figured she may as well round up)

She was a trooper! We held an 8:40 pace the entire time and she was feeling great! The running community is so awesome. We were able to come together with this one thing in common and share our morning all because we are runners. It was great to be able to support her and to have support for my run!

When was the last time you ran with someone new? How did it go? It was so easy to run with this woman. We weren't nervous about pace or anything. We just enjoyed the nice fall morning!


  1. What a gorgeous weekend! What lake is that?

  2. Lake Waramaug in Kent, CT.

  3. I think you hit the nail on the head. Finding running partners/friends out of complete strangers.

    I met another blogger this past weekend at the US Open Tri Championships and we are now ready to setup a race schedule for 2011 so that I can travel to Houston and he can travel to Dallas and we can compete together.

    This is a great community with terrifically understanding people.

  4. SWEET! I'll be in Houston in April for the MS150... my family is getting a team together. Not sure how long I'll be down there, but I'll have a bike w/ me... fyi. ;)

  5. UGH!!!!! I would love to be in Houston in April for the MS150, but April is when I am doing 70.3 IMCA.....curveballs in life.

    Would love to have joined you. My wife and I have ridden the MS150 up here in Dallas the past two years together. Great ride, great organization.

    But depending on when it actually is I could find the time to drive there and say hello and cheer on the riders as they come to the finish line.

  6. Interesting! Yeah...i rarely run w/people. I don't have a real reason other than I have a certain pace i need to maintain and want to keep a mental check list going on how I'm running, my form, breathing, etc. It's also my 'therapy' time where I just think, think about it all.

  7. It's been awhile since I've run with someone... my schedule is packed, so I often just don't want to fit in a drive to meet someone to run, when I can just run from my house or my work and have more time for other things. I agree with AM's comment above that running is also my therapy/meditation time, so it's nice to know I have that guaranteed "me" time!

    I had recently been thinking that I need to find some people who are a bit faster than me to run with, if only once a week or every other week, to make me push myself a bit more than I do when I'm out alone.

    Love the pics by the way! Very pretty.

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