Monday, November 01, 2010

My swim feedback...

I sent the link to my SWIM VIDEO to coach John (tri coach) and coach Rich (masters swim coach) and got similar advice from both.

1. Press the chest/swim down hill
2. Head neutral / make small movement to take a breath
3. Catch: square the elbows (do finger tip / high elbow drill and catch up drill)
4. Drive from the hips
5. Kick in the bucket

I wrote the 5 things above on a note card I can put in a baggie and take to the pull with me to remind myself of the things I need to work on.

Here is a video I found helpful... how it should be done! The catch.


  1. Don't you just love swimming? So many things to remember. Your list is good and will give you good goals to accomplish this winter.

    Swimming is like jumping up on one foot, blowing a bubble gum bubble while rubbing your tummy and patting the top of your head. So many things to remember to do at once! Then finally it all comes together you and are swimming FAST.

  2. totally! Hope the stars align for me this winter! :)

  3. Yeah, see that's what I meant, I never knew it was called a "high elbow catch," Cindi just told me one day, "elbows out of the water, and bend at your elbows in front of you" and literally everything clicked into place. It made a HUGE difference. Your arms will be sore for a few times doing it this way but you will build strength and get used to it. Now when I'm tired and swimming (without my buddies OR a coach, sniff, sniff) I try to remember the cues Cindy gave me because they were valuable.

  4. They should make goggles with a heads-up display with all the swimming stuff you need to remember.