Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Goodness!

Fall his hit hard here! Everything is blazing and beautiful. The wind is brisk and whipping leaves all around!

It makes me want to run and eat root veggies.. oh and coffee. Dang it! (I'm down to two cups a day and am currently working through a nice caffeine withdrawal headache, but can already tell my mood is improved).

Anyway back to the fall goodness.

I recently stumbled onto some cool cooking blogs and, of course, they are all about the fall and pumpkin too! Hubs deserved a treat so I whipped up some Peas and Thank You Pumpkin Scones!!! YUM!

FYI. coffee is for him. Yes, baked fresh out of the oven w/ a coffee made at home delivered to his office by me! Lucky guy, eh?

These only needed a measly 1/2 c of pumpkin so I had a bunch left over. I decided to go ahead and use it up by making some Pumpkin Butter (hoping my kids will eat it, but alas they are not fans of it).

We got some squash in our last CSA - I LOVE roasted squash and LOVE squash soup (Roasted, blended squash) so I found a decent looking Roasted Squash Soup recipe on Allrecipes. I made it without the cream because I don't do dairy. It is DELICIOUS!!! I can't wait to tear into it for dinner.

And on a side note I LOVE coconut oil, but it is rather spendy. I found THIS post recently about MAKING YOUR OWN COCONUT OIL! Wow! AWESOMENESS! It's not as creamy and good as the real deal, but it's a fraction of the cost. Just buy a bag of shredded (full fat organic) coconut and put it in the food processor! I might try putting it in the vitamix after the FP next time to see if I can get it NICE AND SMOOTH! I like to mix the coconut butter with cocoa/carob powder a bit of salt and some raisins and put it in the freezer... single serving sugar free chocolate-ish dessert to satisfy my craving without the sugar!


  1. Checked out some of the pumpkin recipes for the family because they sounded yummy : ) I might try throwing in a scoop of canned pumpkin in with some bananas or apples with cinnamon and see how that turns out for my raw vegan side.

    I've recently fallen even more in love with bananas because by simple adding some cinnamon and dates to make a sauce and then pouring that over some sliced ones tastes just like Cinnabon to me! haha...jayson thinks I'm crazy but I LOVE it! Plus cinnamon has a slight warming affect which is nice as the temps get cooler.

    take care~ E

  2. YUM!! Looks awesome! Hey I can't figure out how to vote on the coaching thing, the computer won't let me. I just now got a coach for the first time and LOVE it.

  3. Fall is all about the food! I just made Apple Sauce and Ginger Bread Cake the other night. SO good!

  4. Anonymous5:56 PM

    That is an AWESOME recipe. I love her blog! Such fantastic recipes. I'm going to have to look into making my own coconut oil...maybe. I wonder how it compares in taste? Other than the texture?

  5. Ok anonymous... reveal yourself. :)

    The coconut oil has a decent flavor.. basically tastes like the coconut flakes. :)

  6. Just made apple pie subbing coconut oil for butter (or whatever it is that normally goes in pies....I don't really bake!) and it was THE BEST pie crust I have ever had. (Don't tell my mom)