Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I think I'm back...


I joined the Wednesday Night Bike Ride Group tonight for a midweek ride. It was hilly, but it was GREAT! I think I'm back... I took an extra day off yesterday (of running anyway.. still swam) and I think it's what my legs needed b/c I really loved the massively hilly ride tonight. Of course there was no major headwind today and it was only 25 miles instead of 50. :) The photo above is from out on the course.. there is some beautiful farm country around here. (Jennie, not to bad for being taken during a climb and while riding one handed... :D)

I just hope I can maintain this momentum at least until JULY 7TH! :)

And fundraising for LLS has begun... so go HERE and make your contribution!!!! And while you click that button think of me hauling my butt up those hills and think of Caela and all she has been through. We are still fighting the good fight - be a part of the team!

1 comment:

  1. that is a beautiful photo. I do think your area of Wisconsin is stunning. Too bad it snows so much!!!! ha ha ha

    You've inspired me not to give up on riding horses. poor Mikey he has no idea!!!!!