Friday, May 09, 2008

Scott Krupp is my hero!

I called Scott at 8am this morning b/c of our back up. He is the contractor that did our remodel of our bathroom and our front porch. He runs Mascott Brothers here in Madison. I asked him for a referral to a plumber, but he said, "I'll come over and take a look at it and if I can't fix it we'll call the plumber." Scott didn't have to do this. He could have just given me the number for a plumber, but that's not the kind of guy he is. This isn't the first time he's gone above and beyond the call of duty, but this was WAY above.... and it was even his day off!

It took him hours, but it is fixed. He augered out both main lines and they were DISGUSTING!

Thank you Scott!

If anyone local needs work done this is the guy to use!

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