Friday, May 09, 2008



So we might have blown any cost savings we were enjoying while using clothe diapers. Apparently Tom accidentally flushed one of the VERY absorbent inserts for the diapers while rinsing it.... and it appears to be stuck in our sewage line. The photo above is of the drain in our basement that is attached to the main sewage line going to the city line. UGH! So Scott (our contractor) is coming over to see if he can fix it... if he can't he will call the plumber. Who knows how much this will cost. UGH!

So Lynda.. it appears that the leak downstairs was what we thought it was.

So if you are clothe diapering... BE CAREFUL not to flush those inserts on accident.


  1. Yikes! I hope it's not as bad as it looks!

  2. you mean the big inserts that you stuff the diaper with??? wow, that sucks. I hope it's not too bad, and I will definitely be careful when rinsing in the toilet!

  3. Yea those. Not sure why he was rinsing it. I never take them out of the diaper... :) Scott never found it, but wow that was DISGUSTING... DISGUSTING. Be glad your house is not 100 years old... and that you don't have to deal w/ the muck and grime from all the families that have lived here in that time. DISGUSTING!