Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to me...


So most of you would be thinking by the title that I either got something REALLY cool or did something SUPER fun... well, I had fun.

We started off a bit rough w/ Jason waking up three times last night.. not sure what that was all about. :( After my long workout yesterday and knowing I had another ahead of me that was a bit rough.

This a.m. we headed to Home Depot (after getting a 'special' Mother's Day coffee) to get a cap for the main sewage line downstairs b/c our old one is useless.. (fyi.. they didn't have any) and to get the materials to build my compster.

When we got home the kiddos had lunch and took a nap and I went out for a 10 mile run... I thought it would be horrendous on my tired legs, but I managed to get it done in under 90 mins... and I didn't feel like total crap the whole time. I was definitely ready to be done when it was over.

Daddy got a 'break' to go out and run some errands.. including getting me some printer cartridges so I can get my fundraising letters out. Jason and Lily and I headed to the park to meet some friends then played in the neighborhood for a while while we waited for daddy to return.

After the kiddos went to bed for the night I coerced Tom into building my composter for me. He wins husband of the year for this weekend. :)

But the highlight of the day!!!!! We were all sitting at the dinner table while Jason and Lily ate their dinner and out of no where Jason is spreading out a napkin on the table and he says, "G&* Da*&(T" (or GD as it's known in the south... and for those of you from the south.. I apologize b/c obviously both Tom and I have said this in front of our children... bad, bad, bad). I about peed my pants laughing. And of course he said it again and Lily joined in. I gave Tom an apologetic look and said, "I guess that sums up my parenting skills." And he said, "He's saying that b/c I said it earlier today when I got poo everywhere changing his diaper." So we can effectively blame each other when it comes up when we are out in public.

And a close second.. okay.. this is better than the GD, but not nearly as funny. (Okay, some of you may not think that was funny) Lily pooped and peed on the potty tonight. She was so pleased w/ herself. She's been really trying the last week. She would say, "poopy on the potty." I would check her diaper... she would have already pooped, but not all the way. She would sit on the potty for a while... do nothing. Put diaper back on and she would finish pooping. The last couple of days I've tried to really listen to her and immediately get her to the potty before that first round come out, but we have had no luck. It was the same scenario tonight, but she was able to wait until she was on the potty to do the second round. I just got her and put her back on a bit later and we read a book... and blam. :) She's been getting so frustrated w/ it... I need to find a new level of patience for this stuff. I asked Jason if he wanted to poop on the potty to which he replied, "Nope!" But he says "no" to everything so who knows where he really stands on the issue. :)

Happy Mom's day to all you great mom's that are reading!


  1. Ha! Happy Mother's Day!!!!
    Sounds like it was a good one, compost, curse words and potty training. What more could any mom want??? :) Ah, the joys of being a mommy!
    Miss you!

  2. Now that's a true Mother's Day!!
    Laura R.

    PS- I am in awe of your dedication to training for the marathon/tri/half-marathon?? Way to go.

  3. Yay for potty time! Do you have a book or website where you got instructions for your compost? I am really looking forward to having my own backyard so we can build one.